Smartphones have become essential for travellers

The travel industry is evolving all the time and smartphones are having an increasing influence on how people book their holidays.

Many Aussies like to search online for the cheapest vacation offers and best exchange rates, as this is far more convenient that trekking around each and every high street travel agent.

Smartphones allow people to gain access to the internet while on the move and it seems that more and more tourists are using their devices to book trips abroad.

Bosses at comScore believe the sophisticated gadgets have taken a lot of the stress out of travelling overseas.

Senior vice president of the organisation's mobile division Mark Donovan said that people can compare deals, book trips and plan their itinerary far more efficiently with their handset.

"The on-the-go convenience of smartphones has facilitated their emergence as an essential companion for travellers," he remarked, before adding that younger people are the most likely to utilise the latest technology to book flights and hotels.