Southern Europe 'is excellent value for money'

Many Australians dream of travelling to Europe, but with money being so tight at the moment, it simply isn't feasible for a lot of people.

However, it is possible to do the trip on a budget – but you have to be on the ball.

Obviously, Europe is a big continent and different countries have their own unique charms, cultures and currencies. According to a new study conducted by nations in southern Europe are particularly good value for money at the moment, as accommodation costs have tumbled.

Travel Daily News reports that hotel prices in Granada in Spain have fallen by 18 per cent in June compared to last month, while Athens and Budapest are six and seven per cent cheaper respectively.

However, the opposite trend is happening in northern Europe, as room rates in Norway and Denmark have gone up.

Therefore, if you want your overseas travel money to last the duration of your trip, it may be worth swerving the more expensive countries in favour of the cheaper ones.

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