The most affordable travel spots for Aussies in September

Planning a holiday in September? Good news for deal seekers! Skyscanner has looked through domestic as well as international flight costs across the year to list the travel destinations that are going to be most affordable this month.

The international travel engine has found that in some cases, flights in September are more than 60% cheaper than the average price for 2015. Generally, the more flexible travellers are about things like routes, timings and airlines, the more likely they are to find a good deal, reported ETB Travel News.

Alana Saphin-Polcheb, Skyscanner’s Head of Marketing for Oceania said: “With a weak Australian dollar making overseas travel expensive, it makes sense to try and save money ahead of your holiday so you’ve got more to play with when you’re there.

“Flight prices fluctuate constantly and the price you pay is dependent on various factors such as routes, timings and airlines. As our data shows, there’s opportunity for significant cost savings on flights in September compared to the rest of the year. The more flexible you can be, the more likely it is that you will bag a bargain. On Skyscanner you can search flights by the whole month and find the cheapest days to travel easily by looking at the ‘chart’ view. Alternatively, if your heart is set on a particular destination, sign up to receive Price Alerts to monitor the rise and fall of fares.”

Best value flights in September:

  • Travellers from Brisbane can find flights over 50% cheaper than the year’s average in September

  • For Melburnians looking for ways to stretch the Aussie dollar for their holiday this month, the Gold Coast is the best destination. But for those who want to travel a bit further, Shanghai is 29% cheaper in September, compared to the rest of the year

  • This month, the Adelaide to Melbourne route is 60% cheaper with flights starting from $95, compared to an average $239.68 for the rest of the year

  • Travellers from Perth will make the most of their money with a ticket to Hong Kong in September - flights to the city are up to 61% cheaper this month when compared to the average for 2015

  • New Zealand is the best value destination for Sydneysiders in September. But Hong Kong, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Manila also feature in the top five bargain holiday spots for travellers from Sydney with savings of up to 33% for flights in September

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