The world's best value room service

If you're a fan of room service when on vacation but not into blowing your travel money, the Trip Advisor TripIndex could be just the tool you need for picking you next holiday.

The new index compares the average value of 5 commonly bought items by guests, in four-star hotels, across the world. And it's surprising just how much the price of a club sandwich, peanuts, a bottle of water, a cocktail on room service and dry cleaning 1 shirt can vary, not just around the world but city to city.

Overall, the index found that on the African continent is where travellers  would get the best value for their small luxuries. Topping the list was South Africa's mother city, Cape Town, for the best value in the world. Buying all 5 goods while in your hotel, would set you back just 187 Rand, less than $20. Following just behind was the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Shiekh in Egypt, Mumbai India and Istanbul in Turkey.

However, the most expensive city for travellers to splash out on comforts was Moscow where all five goods averaged around 2564.65 Ruble or $83. Unsurprisingly, Paris followed in second place at around 23 Euros ($30) for a club sandwich and a Coke.

Within Australia, the best value was found in Hobart, $48.41 for the five items. While Perth was Australia's most expensive city for four-star hotel guests. A club sandwich costs around $22 in Perth compared to just $16.30 in Hobart.

Australian travellers looking to get the best value for their money should check exchange rates and pre-purchase travel money before heading overseas, instead of cutting back on favourite vacation luxuries while away.

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