There are bargain holidays to be had in Greece

The ongoing economic troubles and political unrest that have blighted Greece in recent months have caused hotel prices to tumble in the country.

A financial package has been agreed this week, but it could be some time before things are back to normal in the nation.

According to a recent report by, the average price of a room in Athens has fallen by ten per cent to $119, meaning Aussies who are looking for a cheap place to stay as they tour around Europe have plenty of affordable options at their disposal.

It also goes without saying that Australians are benefiting from the best exchange rates ever seen between the dollar and euro.

Matt Barrett of said that travellers should not worry too much about possible disturbances in the country, but it is worth booking with a repeatable tour operator that knows the area well.

"I would say this is a good time to visit Greece, but I go every summer, so I think any time is a good time to visit Greece," he remarked.

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