Tigerair on sale today with up to 60% off domestic flights and Bali airfares

Tigerair is having a gigantic sale with popular flights being cut by up to 60% within Australia and to Bali.

Keen jetsetters can secure their travel fix online from midday today (AEDT) until the same time on Saturday unless sold out first.

“Today’s sale is one of Tigerair’s biggest ‘wow sales’ in recent memory,” said Head of Communications, Vanessa Regan.

“The prices on offer really speak for themselves, with key highlights including $25 fares between Sydney and Coffs Harbour, $29 fares between Sydney and Gold Coast, and $89 fares between Perth and Denpasar.”

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Single flights included in the sale are for a mix of dates ranging from early November until mid December this year. Customers will have 11 domestic destinations and popular travel spot Bali to choose from.

“There are thousands of cut-price fares available but they aren’t expected to hang around for long, so we encourage all customers to book early to avoid any potential disappointment,” Regan noted.

Tigerair recorded having the lowest flight cancellations among Australian domestic airlines last year and was the most punctual low-cost carrier.

Scroll down for the full price list* of Tigerair flights going on sale today. If you need some travel money for your Tigerair trip to Bali, compare rates, fees and features here!

*Visit tigerair.com.au for full terms and conditions.

Route (both ways)
Fares fromTravel period
Adelaide- Brisbane
$45*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Adelaide- Melbourne
$35*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Adelaide- Sydney
$39*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Brisbane- Cairns
$45*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Brisbane- Darwin
$59*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Brisbane- Melbourne $45*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Brisbane- Sydney
$35*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Cairns- Sydney
$65*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Cairns- Melbourne$69*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Coffs Harbour- Melbourne
$39*9/11/16- 14/12/16
Coffs Harbour- Sydney
$25*11/11/16- 12/12/16
Hobart- Melbourne
$35*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Melbourne- Gold Coast
$45*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Melbourne- Perth
$89*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Melbourne- Sydney$39*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Gold Coast- Sydney
$29*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Perth- Sydney
$89*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Whitsundays- Sydney
$49*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Adelaide- Denpasar
$109*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Melbourne- Denpasar
$139*8/11/16- 15/12/16
Perth- Denpasar
$89*8/11/16- 15/12/16