Tokyo most populated and safe city in the world

Are you having trouble deciding, which city will be the next on your travel hit list? If safety sits high as a priority, check out the Safe Cities Index 2015, which rated 50 cities around the globe on personal safety, health and security. 

The winner for all these categories was Tokyo, making the Japanese capital not only the most populated city in the world but the safest too. The report explained that Tokyo has strong digital security, which was three points ahead of Singapore in second place. Whereas, fellow Asian city Jakarta sat at the bottom of the list for safety.

Closer to home, Sydney was ranked as the 6th most safe city in the world and Melbourne 9th - both Australian cities in front of New York, Hong Kong and San Francisco.

The findings revealed that living in a safe and healthy urban environment can make a real and measurable difference to city inhabitants with the average life expectancy of citizens living in the top 25 cities in the Index 81 years, compared with 75 years for those living in cities in the bottom half of the table.

“The biggest gap is between Melbourne, Australia and Johannesburg, South Africa (86 years vs 60 years). While a gap in average life expectancy of some 25 years is a strong incentive to move elsewhere, only the wealthiest citizens are likely to be able to afford to relocate, placing a further strain on overstretched resources.”

Here’s the 20 safest cities in the world list:

1. Tokyo

2. Singapore

3. Osaka

4. Stockholm

5. Amsterdam

6. Sydney

7. Zurich

8. Toronto

9. Melbourne

10. New York

11. Hong Kong

12. San Francisco

13. Taipei

14. Montreal

15. Barcelona

16. Chicago

17. Los Angeles

18. London

19. Washington DC

20. Frankfurt