Travellers look for more adventurous breaks

A growing number of Aussies are becoming more adventurous when they select their holiday destinations.

While Asia has been a long-term favourite among people from down under, it seems that plenty of travellers are trying to cast their net even further.

With the dollar currently very strong against the euro, many Aussies may be tempted to take advantage of the best exchange rates before heading to destinations in eastern Europe.

Travel expert at Nadine Hallak suggested that places such as Montenegro, Romania and Macedonia are proving to be increasingly popular holiday destinations.

Although many Aussies may have opted for Italy, France and the UK when embarking on a European tour in the past, there are plenty of beautiful places to see in the less fashionable eastern countries. Aussies' overseas travel money is also much more likely to stretch further in these destinations too.

ANZ's currency strategist Andrew Salter recently told the Sydney Morning Herald that the eurozone crisis has made the continent far more accessible to Aussies, who may have previously been unable to afford to get there.

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