TripAdvisor reveals best budget cities in the world.

The annual TripAdvisor TripIndex has revealed the cities where Australians will find the most bang for their Aussie travel money when spending the night, as well as the most expensive.

The annual index is based on the cost for a couple to stay one night in a four-star hotel, have a two course dinner, cocktails, a bottle of wine and the fare for a taxi on return trip of 3.2km each way. It showed that while Europe is the most expensive continent overall to spend a night, it also held the worlds best budget cities.

When staying in Norway's capital Oslo, travellers could expect to pay as much as $561.26 for the night, making it the most expensive city on the index.  However just a short flight away in Sofia Bulgaria, for a similar night, travellers would pay just $153.21, making it the most affordable city in the world.

Asia as a whole was found to still be the worlds best continent for a tight budget, with Hanoi in Vietnam coming in as the second most affordable city in the world.

The best bargains for US bound travellers were expected to be found in the countries South, where in the likes of Miami they would spend around $318.62 for the night, around $60 less than what would be found in the countries North and West.

Domestically, travellers would have to fork out $445.64 for the night in Sydney, the 6th most expensive city in the world.

The index also found that for all the services measured, travellers will usually find the greatest variance in prices on their taxi fare.

The 10 cheapest cities were:

1. Sofia Bulgaria $153.21

2. Hanoi, Vietnam $170.12

3. Warsaw, Poland $181.73

4. Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt $184.74

5. Budapest, Hungary $186.46

6. Bangkok, Thailand $194.79

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia $210.30

8. Tunis, Tunisia $211.51

9. Cape Town, South Africa $212.49

10. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia $212.72

The most expensive cities for the night were:

1. Oslo, Norway  $561.26

2. Zurich, Switzerland $506.45

3. Stockholm, Sweden $504.30

4. New York, US $498.58

5. Paris, France $494.96

6. Sydney, Australia $445.64

7. London, U.K. $437.40

8. Copenhagen, Denmark $429.55

9. Cancun, Mexico $426.09

10. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $420.91

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