Virgin Australia issues travel warning for passengers.

Possible delays to Virgin Australia flights this weekend, is a reminder to travellers to protect themselves with a comprehensive travel insurance.

Virgin Australia will be making a major switch over to it's online systems this weekend rendering a number of the airlines online facilities unavailable for travellers. Due to the systems crossover, passengers will not be able to gain access to the airlines Velocity loyalty program, to make bookings online or redeem points from 10:30pm this weekend right through until Sunday, reports Whyalla News.

Passengers should be aware that they will not be able to check in via mobile or online devices this weekend. The airline has also issued a warning to passengers flying between next Monday and January the 20th to arrive at the airport at least an hour before a domestic flight and three hours before international flights, as check-in may be slower than usual, according to Virgin spokeswomen Danielle Keighery.

Other recent events such as a Jetstar flight delayed for 7.5 hours on the 7th January, causing baggage confusion and taxi delays at Darwin airport, and more dramatic scenes seen overseas such as a Jetstar crew member being held hostage by a passenger angered over a flight delay, are a reminder that travel disruptions beyond anyones control is a risk that all travellers are exposed to, and not always due compensation over.

Although Virgin are likely to do their best to avoid disruptions to travellers, delays and missed flights can be a costly inconvenience for travellers. Selecting a comprehensive travel insurance could protect travellers from any loss that occurs due to disruption of their travel plans.

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