Website aims to make it easier for Aussies to visit Vietnam

There are a number of reasons for the booming popularity of Vietnam holidays among Australians.

The Asian destination offers stunning scenery, a unique culture and, perhaps most importantly, value for money.

Aussies will find that their overseas travel money stretches a long way in Vietnam, as the cost of living is so low.

However, one minor stumbling block has been the visa situation, as the Vietnamese government has stipulated that all foreign visitors must have the necessary documentation before they are allowed into the country.

Visas last for 30 days and the application process can sometimes be arduous. To make things a bit easier, – which is the main distributor of the permits – has launched new websites in Australia, Canada and the UK, Breaking Travel News reports.

Each individual site was launched in February and they are aimed at making the process more understandable and reducing the amount of irrelevant information that people in the three countries need to trawl through.

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