Will my travel insurance cover this? The new reality T.V. show live from Mars

We're not exactly sure how your travel insurance will cover you for this trip or what travel money you'll need but auditions for the latest Dutch reality T.V. show are now open. Applicants will need to prove they are adaptable, resilient, creative and have empathy, key attributes required for being part of the first group of humans to colonise Mars.

Mars One began its search today for the first human beings to go to Mars, according to the companies official press release. The new reality show intends to have humans on the red planet by 2023, where their day to day actions will be broadcast back to earth. If the moon landings popularity was anything to go by, the show is likely to be a smash hit. The organisation plans for the $6 billion project to be an ongoing global media event, from astronaut selection right through to landing and colonising Mars in an attempt to fund the next giant leap for mankind.

"It sounds like a lot of money. And actually it is  a lot of money. But imagine what will happen when the first people land on Mars. Literally everybody on the globe will want to see it," says founder Bas Landsdorp of the $6 billion project.

So far space agencies have only managed to send unmanned rovers to Mars due to the large obstacles in the way of sending astronauts to earth's nearby neighbour. But despite the -55 degree temperatures, a climate made up mostly of carbon dioxide, a lack of food and drink and notably no air to breathe, the shows organisers have already received over 10,000 e-mail applications and is being backed by the 1999 Dutch Nobel laureate for physics, Gerard't Hooft.

"The long-term aim is to have a lasting colony," said Hooft. "This expansion will not be easy. How soon that will be accomplished is anyone's guess today."

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