Best Rugby World Cup Recovery Stopovers

Any true rugby supporter worth their salt knows just how much hard work goes into cheering on your team. You experience all the match highs and lows and the goals and groans of the game even though you’re off the field.

That’s why after all the excitement of the Rugby World Cup is over, you’ll want to give yourself a few days to unwind. So whether you want to luxuriate at a spa, get an adrenaline high at a casino or just relax at a beach, we’ve listed some of the best World Cup recovery stopovers and attractions.

Whiskey tour in Ireland

After coming so close to the land known for inventing whiskey, why would you want to leave without sharing some famous Irish ‘craic’ with the locals? Discover the old distilleries at Dublin, Dingle and Midleton, hop across to the finest Irish pubs and savour every moment of the whiskey tasting trail. You can pick your route yourself or go on a guided tour and learn to appreciate the taste, smell and the more subtle attributes of a good blend.

Mozo money tip: After tasting all these specialty malts, you’re surely going to want to buy a few bottles of whiskey for back home. Just make sure you put all of your dollars towards the whiskey and not bank fees by carrying a good travel credit card.

Traditional Hammam in Turkey

Experience traditional Turkish culture at its most luxurious as you step into a Turkish Hammam - a kind of spa where a tellak or natir (male or female attendant) will help you cleanse your body from any stress. Soak in this unique experience as you lay in the warmer section of a historic bath, designed beautifully to let sunrays filter in through a high central dome. Some of the popular hammams in Istanbul are, the Cemberlitas Hammam, the Cagaloglu Hammam and the Oruculer Hammam.

Mozo money tip: It is customary to tip your attendant 10-20% of the total cost of the the ritual. So remember to pack in some Turkish Lira in cash because you wouldn’t want to run to an ATM and pay expensive ATM and exchange fee for some last minute change.

Casino hopping in Macau

If the World Cup wasn’t enough of an adrenaline buzz - check out the Vegas of the East - Macau! You can try your luck at some of the slot machines or a roulette table at one of the many popular casinos in the city. The fun doesn’t end here, Macau is also a popular destination for duty-free shopping, so get set for some major retail therapy. Combine your trip with Hong Kong and you’ve got yourself the perfect World Cup recovery stopover.

Mozo money tip: Only ever use your own money to gamble not the banks. Buying casino gambling chips or tokens with your credit card is a ‘cash equivalent’ transaction and means that the cash advance rate and fees are applied. It is way smarter to get money out using your ATM or debit card and use that to buy your chips. 

Chilling out in Thailand

November is the beginning of the diving season in Thailand and the perfect time to enjoy the glorious golden beaches and work on your suntan. The weather is amazing - the rains have just stopped, the weather has cooled and the parties are in full swing. If you want to give the touristy Phuket a skip then head to the gorgeous clear waters in Krabi, Ko Lipe or Phi Phi islands.

Mozo money tip: While travel insurance is a must for any overseas trip, it becomes a little bit more important when you’re planning to try any extreme sports. If standard insurance does not cover emergencies related to adventure activities, make sure you get one that does.

Volunteer in Nepal

If recovery is all about feeling good, then nothing can make you feel better than giving back to the community. Spare an extra two weeks and sign up for a volunteer program in Nepal. There are many volunteer networks that let you sign up online and be a part of the communities trying to repair and rebuild rural life in Nepal. Take this time to also explore the country’s rich architecture and heritage.

Mozo money tip: While the major hotels, shops and restaurants in Nepal do accept Visa and MasterCard, if you are going to be in the rural areas, it is better to carry some cash. However, do remember to keep your exchange receipts because you will need them if you try to re-convert Nepalese money when you’re leaving the country.

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