Pack your thriftiness this Easter and save over $1000

It’s hard to find anything Aussies love more during the Easter break than a golden Lindt chocolate bunny or seafood on the barbie. 

But if a quick trip to cure the office blues is also high on your Easter holiday list, here’s how you can pack some thriftiness into your already exploding suitcase - right next to the snorkel gear and Bintang singlet from your last Bali holiday.

1. Pay less on airport parking - save $211

When travelling during peak periods like Easter, a little forward planning can stretch your dollar a very long way - all the way to the airport in fact. Did you know that pre-booking online before your flight means you can save up to 73% on your airport parking?

For our Sydney jet-setters, by taking the time to book online, you can slash the hefty $360 parking fee at Sydney Airport’s T3 carpark down to $149, saving yourself a healthy $211*.

2. Search for a better travel insurance deal - save $143

Instead of raiding the fridge during the next ad break, take the time to raid the Mozo website for a quick comparison of travel insurance quotes. Using Mozo’s travel insurance quote calculator, a family of 4 travelling to Fiji for 7 nights can get coverage from as little as $49 for unlimited medical and hospital, compared to the highest travel insurance policy at $192 for full comprehensive cover. That is a saving of a delicious $143 - and all in the time it takes for The Block to come back on.

3. Compare travel debit cards - save $65

While a travel debit card is a great option as you’re spending your own cash, the wrong travel debit card could be the difference between a memorable holiday and a memorable holiday bill. Let's give you a scenario. Say you withdraw $100 five times from an overseas ATM and spend $1000 on your travel debit card on shopping and activities, the wrong travel debit card with a $4 overseas ATM withdrawal fee and 3% foreign exchange fee would set you back a total of $65.

By comparing travel debit cards and prepaid credit cards you could avoid unnecessary fees. For example, the Citibank Transaction Plus debit card offers fee-free overseas ATM withdrawals and point of sale purchases wherever Visa is accepted, as well as no minimum or ongoing balance requirements.

4. Make like a local - save around $600

When in Rome.

Take the time to acquaint yourself with the local supermarket or restaurant near your hotel. The in-house breakfast buffet downstairs may be enticing for a few days but do you really need to pay $25 a head for some bacon, eggs and a very ordinary filter coffee? A week stay for a family of four will cost a total of $700 - and that is only breakfast!

A good way to save is by stocking up on breakfast items and spend that extra cash on massages by the pool.

5. Read the fine print - save $175

Simply being aware of the fine print on items like your travel insurance, health fund, union membership or rewards points program can help you reap some very serious savings on things you probably didn’t even know about like theme park tickets, discounted car rental rates and policy features.

For example, many standard travel insurance policies such as AMEX Travel Insurance basic have the added perk of rental car excess cover. What this means is when hiring an economy car to reduce your standard excess cover from $3,500 to $500 you would pay $25 a day on top of the cost of hiring the car, however your travel insurance policy could include vehicle car excess as part of its cover, saving you $175 over the week.

Punch these numbers into a calculator and voila! The saving is almost $1200 - a great investment the next time you get a bite from the travel bug.

* Based on parking for one car from 3-10 April 2015 at Sydney Airport’s T3 parking. Prices taken 9 March 2015.