2017 wedding trend report: what brides will fall for this year

Move over flower hairbands and ombre wedding cakes, you’re so last year. Our crystal ball is forecasting a new set of wedding trends to take off in 2017.

Some words to describe the overriding theme? Low key and luxe on a budget. From decor with “greenery” hues to an unorthodox hens and bucks trend, note these ideas down in your wedding organiser.

Hens and Bucks: Jack and Jill parties

One couple’s happy snaps on Instagram. Credit:

Pre-wedding events like hens and bucks are synonymous with epic partying until the wee hours of the morning. While that’s all undoubtedly fun, couples are now marrying later in life, sometimes with children and mortgage repayments to consider (best man and bridesmaids included). Enter “Jack and Jill” parties, hosted weeks before the wedding with a less “exclusive” feel. Think of them like a gender-neutral bridal shower with proper party vibes. The loved up couple will often cover costs by asking guests to pitch in $10 - $15 to attend the BBQ or cocktail party at their place. Of course, if you’d rather not ask for money, you can always request they bring a plate of food or dessert instead.

Why it will stick: Jack and Jill parties solve two problems - they lay pressure off the bridal party to blow their budget on hens and bucks, plus can include more people (even the little ones).

Ceremony: Unpretentious vibes

Margot Robbie, epitome of the understated bride. Credit: news.com.au

Few luxurious nuptials featured in glossy mags last year, and in 2017 we’re expecting to see the casual wedding trend continue. Just look at Aussie actress, Margot Robbie’s recent surprise nuptials in Sydney. She wedded her beau at a casual outdoor location in an off-the-shoulder dress. The cutest part? Her guests were served coco pops in place of wedding cake for dessert. Not only creative, but easy on the budget too.

Why it will stick: A grand horse and carriage entrance can’t compare to paying homage to the bride and groom’s real relationship or personal tastes.

Decor: Green canopies and garlands

Easy being green? Credit: Hey Wedding Lady

Wedding decor will take guests down the garden path this year, making the most of beauty found in nature. Think plant-based arrangements that not only incorporate flowers, but soft branches draped artistically over archways and dinner tables too. The best thing about this trend is that it complements casual wedding venues and the budding florist within you. If you’re looking to save money, practise arranging them yourself months before your big day instead of buying them already done up.

Why it will stick: Wedding blogs are teeming with inspirational images depicting various uses for greenery at nuptials, so we don’t see the trend dying down anytime soon. And it is after all such an easy trend to embrace!

Bridal wear: Embellished gowns

Actress Lily Collins rocking a fairytale princess look at the Golden Globes. Credit: USA Today

Picture the wedding dress of your dreams for a moment. Do you have intricate detailing in mind? If you answered yes, it makes perfect sense given the plethora of embellished gowns celebs have been wearing lately. And the good news is, glam frocks are getting cheaper too. Fast fashion chain H&M launched an ethically certified bridal collection in 2016, offering a mix of lace and sequin options, as did ASOS online. High end designer Richard Nicoll’s Topshop collaboration will be in stock soon too, expected to have similarly low price points for brides.

Why it will stick: It’s a match made in heaven for women on a budget who aren’t into classic or plain dresses.