6 travel hacks to help you save on your honeymoon

Getting hitched is a pricey affair with everything from the big ticket items like the reception to the smaller (but still expensive) buys like bombonieres to factor into the wedding budget. Unfortunately this can often mean one of the best parts of tying the knot – the honeymoon – will take the back seat. But Phil from online wedding marketplace Wedding Buzz says this doesn’t have to be the case because with a little forward thinking and savvy online hunting skills, you can have your wedding cake and eat it too... on your honeymoon. Here are his top tips:

1. Say Adioso

A new travel site that shows you the best deals for your travel destination is Adioso. Search something like ‘Asia for 10 days in January’ and the results will provide you with a number of options. Another cool feature is that you can track a specific flight route. Adioso will send you regular emails notifying you of flight price fluctuations allowing you to book seats at the lowest possible price.

2. Hide your cookies

Believe it or not travel companies actually drop cookies on your browser when you visit the site. Whilst pretty much all websites do this many travel sites will slightly increase their prices when you return knowing that you are one step closer to making a buying decision. Simply delete the cookies in your browser before making a purchase to avoid any extra mark-ups.

3. Reward yourself

The airlines, supermarkets and banks are all striving for your business. And why not take advantage of them through a rewards program? Some banks are offering credit cards with 60,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points upfront or giving you 1 point for every $1 you spend. Now you’re probably never going to pay for your entire honeymoon with points but maybe securing an extra night stay or room upgrade could still be worth it. Watch out for traps though like high annual fees and interest rates that can make the whole plan pointless. Best check out the team at iFLYflat who specialise in point’s management and use Mozo’s Rewards Revealer tool that will show you the best rewards credit cards for your situation.

4. Follow the bloggers

There are 1000s of individual travel bloggers out there. These guys are travelling the world and updating their followers on a constant basis about the best places to visit in each location. Find a few and reach out to them. Most are more than happy to share their travel knowledge and give insider information that just can’t be found elsewhere. My personal favourite is Start Wandering, a website about an Aussie traveller, who quit her job, sold her house and started travelling the world with her husband. The site is full of great tips to have the best honeymoon!

5. Book activities at your destination

I learnt this whilst on my honeymoon to Hawaii. Travel agents in Australia were constantly selling me tours or day cruises for my trip. When I got to Honolulu I soon learned that I could do the same activities for almost half the price. And this has been consistent on every holiday I’ve been on since. So just wait until you get to your destination and go for a walk in the local city. You will be inundated by some great offers.

6. Travel roulette

This is not for the faint hearted but it can save you some serious cash. Book your time off, bank your money then book your honeymoon less than 6 weeks before you go. Cruises often give the biggest discount closer to departure. I found one cruise that went from Sydney to Hawaii via Bora Bora for 21 days. It was discounted from $2,800 to $1,250 because it departed in 7 days’ time. Flights and hotels can also offer massive discounts closer to the date. If you’ve got the nerve to do so, play a little travel roulette to snare some great bargains!