A Groomkong’s (thrifty) wedding survival guide

Move over Bridezillas and relentless stereotypes, there’s a new man in town and he’s just as keen as the bride-to-be to make sure the day goes off without a hitch.

So if you are one of the many grooms out there that wants a killer wedding without getting into debt try these top thrifty tips:

1.  Prepare a game plan

The best way to tackle the financial side of wedding preparation is by sitting down with your fiance (and in laws) and creating a budget. Figure out how much you’re prepared to spend on everything from the venue to the cake before contacting vendors and don’t deviate from the set budget.

2.  Open a high interest savings account

Most reception venues don’t require you to put down the full amount until a few weeks before the wedding. So don’t let your hard earned cash sit idly in an everyday bank account, when it could be accruing juicy interest in a high interest savings account.

3. Cull the guest list

The bigger your guest list the pricier the wedding, so take the time to go through the guests. Do you really need to invite your mates from high school you haven’t seen in 15 years? The same goes for your bride-to-be and in laws who may want to invite everyone from the next door neighbour to their second cousin twice removed.

4. BYO booze

Alcohol can be a major money drain but thankfully there are many wedding venues and function centres that allow you to bring your own booze at no additional cost. If you want to pop a bottle of Moët on your special day, keep an eye out for sales months in advance and stock up.

5. Channel your inner haggler

It’s widely documented that venues charge the most for weddings, so it’s always a good idea to try to haggle on everything from the venue to the photography - you never know how much you could shave off the price of your wedding by simply asking.

6. Host an affordable bachelor party

While it might be tempting to grab your mates for an epic trip to Vegas, an overseas escape will run into the thousands of dollars. So save the cash for your Honeymoon and keep yourself out of the dog house, by organising a wicked bachelor party in your home town, like paintballing, go kart racing, dirt bike riding or whisky tasting ...the list goes on.

7. Groom your groomsmen

While it’s a wise idea to stay clear of the bridesmaid dresses, suiting your groomsmen is right down your alley. Tuxedos are no longer a must these days, so why not opt for modern suits that won’t cost you an arm and a leg that you can order online for half the price. Getting married in summer? Consider ditching the stuffy jacket and let your best mates rock a modern shirt and tailored pants.

8. Get fit together

Avoid pricey gym memberships and instead make trimming down for the wedding something you can do as a couple - try going for a run or heading to the park for some outdoor lunges and squats.

9. Plan the Honeymoon

Your fiance is likely to be busy planning all the intricate details of the the Big Day, so why not put the Honeymoon on your to-do-list and search for overseas vacay deals on travel websites like agoda.com, webjet.com.au and expedia.com.au.

10. Organise the cars

Forget tacky stretch limousines and costly Rolls Royces, instead try the new trend of hiring a Volkswagen Kombi or Beetle that will add character to your Big Day and save you big bucks.