Digital wedding winners - Here comes the modern bride

The digital age of weddings is here, with tech-savvy brides embracing the latest wedding gadgets to make planning their big day a no brainer.

While it’s a controversial new trend (that nana is sure to hate), one of the major benefits of opting for a digital wedding alternative is the great savings to be found, with some apps and websites cutting the cost of your wedding by thousands of dollars.

So if you’re ready to embrace your inner digital bride, try these wedding-friendly virtual products:

1. E-invitation

The costs of wedding invitations and thank you cards can run steep, potential skyrocketing into the thousands. Now brave brides-to-be are forfeiting the tradition of hard copy invites for their digital counterparts with websites like, and providing free email wedding invitations.

2. App that collects mailing addresses

If you feel you can’t forgo the tradition of sending a hard copy invitation (lace and all) through the Post, you can still embrace the digital age by allowing an app like or to do the hard work for you by collecting your guest’s addresses. How it works is the app will use your social media or email contacts to send a standard form to the guests of your choice that they will fill out and send back to you. Saving you painstaking hours contacting each guest individually and decreasing your chances of becoming a cranky Bridezilla.

3. Digital wishing well

Did you know you could earn a competitive 4.00% interest rate on the money in your wishing well? Community First Credit Union have introduced a free digital wishing well, aptly dubbed Matrimoney that allows guests to transfer wedding gift money into the savings account from the day you open the account, so you don’t have to worry about visiting your bank after the wedding with a wad of cash to deposit.


There’s no need to fork out $500-$1000 for a DJ that plays 80s tunes on repeat, when you can create your own rockin’ reception playlist on your iPod or laptop that can be connected to the venue’s audio system. You can enlist the help of apps like WeddingDJ, which breaks up your music into sections AKA slow dance time and party time. It’s your day so throw in your favourite songs, no matter how cheesy they’re and have a blast!

5. Custom hashtag

With an oh-so-hipster hashtag for Instagram and Twitter, you won’t have to wait weeks for your photographer to add all the magic of photoshop, to see the fun from your Big Day. A custom hashtag can of course be created for free and is a great way to collate all your wedding photos in one place and create an interactive experience for your guests - #bestweddingever, totes. If you want to keep your wedding pictures private you can use an app like, where you invite guests to use the app and upload photos.

What do you think of the digital wedding revolution - techy or tacky? Let us know below.