The 2015 Wedding Cake Trend Forecast

Once you’ve ticked everything from the venue to the flowers off your never-ending wedding list, it’s time to start thinking about one of the most important parts of your big day - the wedding cake.

To help you choose a wow-worthy wedding cake that rises to the occasion, we asked wedding cake designer Faye Cahill and owner of Faye Cahill cake design to share with us her predictions for the top wedding cake trends of 2015:

Hot trend 1: Gold accents

Faye says you can add a bit of bling to your wedding cake by simply selecting a gold accent; delivering a strong and dramatic look. “We love the warmth, glamour and richness of gold on cakes.”

“Opt for pearlised gold finishes rather than using the 24 carat edible gold leaf, which is usually more expensive,” advises Faye.

Hot trend 2: Naked or semi frosted

For the bohemian beauty or beach babe who loves nothing more than simplicity, Faye recommends going the full monty when it comes to your cake selection.

Hot trend 3: The bigger the better!

While you don’t have to have a 7ft Kim Kardashian wedding cake, Faye says a huge cake will be a hit on social media and will generate buzz amongst guests.

“The cake takes a prominent position in the room and after the couple, is the most photographed and shared of the wedding elements.”

Hot trend 4: Detailing

Inspired by the intricate detailing of wedding gowns, Faye tips wedding cake detailing will become the next big thing. “Cake detailing can be created from layering together several techniques to create a complex and sophisticated look. For example, we may start with pearlising the surface and then add stencilling and edible beading.”

Faye says you can save money by choosing a stencil pattern rather than hand piping which takes longer.

Hot trend 5: Fresh flowers

If you want some blooms on your wedding cake, Faye recommends choosing a plain-iced style with fresh flowers rather than paying for handmade sugar flowers and hand detailing.

What’s not hot anymore?

1. Cartoon figurines - leave that for the kids b’day parties.
2. Large amounts of non edible “bling”
3. “Gimmick” cakes such as the “half/half” design where half of the cake is decorated in the bride’s style and half in the taste of the groom