Top cost cutting secrets from brides-to-be

If you’re one of the many brides tying the knot in 2015, you’ve probably spent endless hours scouring the internet for hints and tips to slash your wedding bill. But the best way to discover how to save on your big day is simple…get advice from other gals in your situation.

Mozo recently asked hundreds of brides-to-be across Australia to share their top savings tips. The results ranged from the downright hilarious to a range of truly savvy ways to slash your wedding bill.

Here are some of our favourites, which will not only save you money but could bring some personal flare to your big day:  

Tip 1# Start a wedding money tin

Every time you or your partner mention the word “wedding" you have to put $2 in the Wedding money tin.

Tip 2# Opt for online invitations

Create a website as an alternative to paper wedding invitations - domains cost around $20 and may also allow you to accept RSVPs online and display thank you messages.

Tip 3# Grow your own wedding flowers

Choose your decorative wedding flower a year in advance and grow them in a family member’s garden. Perfect for decorating the cake table or in the wedding bouquets.

Tip 4# Look outside the bridal gown box

Contact fashion design schools and investigate collaborating with a student for your wedding dress. You’ll be nurturing new talent and pay a third of the price of an off the rack dress.

Tip 5# Choose vintage accessories

Make your own bridal bouquet made out of vintage brooches. Places like Etsy or Pinterest will give you some great ideas and you may be able to incorporate some family heirlooms.

Tip 6# Ask for food over gifts

Instead of gifts, ask family and friends to bring a plate and have a picnic in the park after the wedding.

Tip 7# Buy a celebration cake

Shop around to find a ‘celebration’ cake rather than a wedding cake. It might just need some fresh flowers on the top to turn it into a wedding cake.

Tip 8# Make your own booze

Buy a home brewing kit and brew the whole bar for your wedding yourselves, or get a friend to do it. It’s sure to save you hundreds of dollars on your wedding!

Tip 9# Make your guests the photographers

Arrange a (cheaper) pre-wedding shoot which means you’ll be able to halve the photography fee at the wedding by only photographing the ceremony and have a friend or family member take pics at the reception.

Tip 10# Take advantage of mates rates

Recruit friends. Do you know someone who has a holiday house you could “borrow” for the honeymoon? See if you can cut a deal with some mates rates.

And there you have it 10 great tips from brides-to-be across Australia. What’s your wedding savings secret?