People's Choice Awards 2014

Forget industry awards where banks scratch each other's backs. Mozo presents the People's Choice Awards, based on more than 25,000 real customer reviews. So you can see the honour roll of Australian banks, credit unions, building societies, credit cards, loans and accounts, as voted by Australia.

Best Overall Winners

Best Bank

Best Mutual Bank

Best Credit Union

Best Building Society

Best Big 4 Bank

Special Category Winners

  • Best Customer Service

    Thumb 692

    Queenslanders Credit Union

    9.40 out of 10

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  • Most Trusted Bank

    Thumb 1832

    Police Bank

    9.49 out of 10

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  • Most Recommended Bank

    Thumb 1121

    Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank

    9.38 out of 10

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  • Australia's Cheapest Home Loans

    Thumb 970

    9.20 out of 10

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Top 5 award winners

Best Savings Accounts

Best Bank Accounts

Best Debit Cards

Best Home Loans

Best Credit Cards

Best Personal Loans

Best Term Deposits