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  • If there's one safe bet on the stock market, it's the best e-trade platform for your money-moving needs. With much to gain (and lose) in brokerage, monthly fees, stock reports and more, compare the online share trading market for the best deal.

  • Australian e-trade platforms

    We've all seen Wall Street and hankered for some easy stock-market millions. But before you can sniff those bank-fresh bills, you'll want to make sure your online broker doesn't have his snout in your trough.

  • The smart money is on a cheap online broker that won't hog your profits, and there are plenty to choose from that offer flexibility and all those savvy, market numbers without hidden charges or outrageous stock-trading costs.

  • It seems a tad unfair that your share-market flair should be encumbered by costs per trade - and even less reasonable that trading at a loss should also incur a fee. But that's the way it is. So you might as well keep it to a minimum.Find the best, pinstripiest online brokerage fees now.

  • E-trade market data

    Most online share trade platforms offer a range of market data packages, which you may want to display on one, or preferably several monitors, so you can keep a finger on the stock-market pulse as well as look decidedly switched on.Don't light that fat cigar with a hundred just yet - first compare e-trade market data packages.

  • Online trading information

    Mozo's e-trade share market guide has more info on the smart money approach to online stock trading and choosing the right pair of braces.

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Hot cash rates on Mozo

    • ING DIRECT Savings Maximiser
    • 4.00%

      p.a. for customers who also have an Orange Everyday bank account and deposit $1,000 each month from an external source.

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    • 3.30%

      No withdrawals in the month. Bonus rate for first 4 months, reverting to 2.45% bonus rate after

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New to the online share market? Our guides will demystify all things share trading; brokerage, stock reports and more.