The Finance Burrito podcast: Personal finance unwrapped


Better money management is a shared goal for many Aussies across the country. But between searching through interest rate news articles, watching debt busting videos and downloading budgeting apps, nailing down an easy to understand source of financial knowledge can feel overwhelming. 

That’s why the team at Mozo have introduced The Finance Burrito Podcast, your one-stop shop for all things money! Wondering what a delightful Mexican dish has to do with personal finance?

The Finance Burrito - Meet our hosts

The Finance Burrito aims to tackle all things related to personal finance in an easy to digest podcast format. Each episode we uncover some of the many money challenges and mysteries the average person may find themselves in, from starting a side hustle to renting and even the rising cost of gaming. 

The podcast is now in its second season and is produced by our talented in house podcast team (Claire, Ceyda and Rhianna), and hosted by Mozo finance journalists, Tom Watson and Liv Gee.

LATEST EPISODE: Your Money News - Credit card cuts and the right to disconnect 

In this episode, Tom and temporary co-host, Ceyda, chat about the hottest money news of the week. And this week, it's all about the never-ending story or property prices, cutting credit card rates and an employee's right to disconnect from work calls and emails after work hours. 

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The Finance Burrito episode list (so far)

Season Two

For season two of The Finance Burrito, we have shaken things up with weekly episodes. This time around, we dive into sustainability and ethical banking, plus drop a bonus news recap.

Episode Six: Unwrapped - The reality of living off the grid

You’ve seen the tiny homes in all their glory, but could you take the plunge and leap off the grid? In this episode of The Finance Burrito, Tom and Liv are exploring the ins and outs of living off the grid. They’ll discuss the price tag, how sustainable it actually is and what you need to consider if you are thinking of making the move.

Special guest: Tiny home builder, Aimee Stanton

Episode Five: Your Money News - Free flights and flood support

In this moneyland news recap, Liv and Tom share the current government and bank support available to Aussies affected by the recent New South Wales floods. They also chat about CommBank’s new venture into the Buy Now Pay Later market and the ginormous number of free flights that are going on sale on 1 April.

Episode Four: Unwrapped - The balance between shopping ethically while staying on budget

Is it possible to indulge in a bit of retail therapy while staying ethical and on budget? That’s the question Liv and Tom are asking on today’s episode of The Finance Burrito. They’ll reveal the damage shopping and consumption is doing to our planet before sharing some tips on how you can take small steps toward shopping sustainably without blowing the bank.

Special guest: Founder of Zero Co, Mike Smith

Episode Three: Your Money News - Fab Fridays and a tasty Twitter trade

In this money news recap, some of the topics up for discussion are Twitter’s CEO selling his first tweet, why women are still falling behind in the property market and much more!

Episode Two: Feature - Ethical Super and Banking options: fact or fiction?

The first instalment for the podcast’s sustainability deep dive is exploring whether ethical banking and super fund options exist in Australia. They even give a shoutout to a couple of providers who expert sources say are in the ethical good books. 

Special guest:
Co-founder and Director of Future Super, Adam Verwey

Episode One: Your Money News - Bitcoin banter and Citi’s cash crash

In this episode, our hosts are chatting about some of the hot news topics of the week, like Bitcoin, recent JobSeeker changes and Citi Group’s massive financial blunder.

Season One

We were all about the burrito puns in season one. Each episode was split into three sections: the meat, the sauce (AKA source) and the beans. 

The meat covered the juicy bits, like the facts, stats and details, the source was an expert who shared their experience on the topic at hand, and the beans was a moment to dish the dirt on some unspoken financial etiquette.

Episode 14: The past, present and future of banking

To wrap up the last episode for the season, our hosts comb through some of the most popular banking trends over the last decade, from the decline of cash to contactless payments and innovative services, like Buy Now Pay Later

Special guest:
Mozo Data Member, Mitch Pollard

Episode 13: A holly jolly Christmas special

Because what good would a podcast be without a Christmas episode? For this jolly encounter, Tom and Liv dive into the art of gift giving. And to really get you into the festive spirit, they chat to a couple who have branded themselves as ‘extreme gift givers’. 

Special guest:
Extreme gifters, Matt and Maddie

Episode 12: Passion vs money: the ultimate career divider

In this episode, our hosts take a step back in time by revisiting university. They’ll be answering whether money or passion play a role in choosing a career, plus reveal the most popular and employable degrees in the country!

Special guest:
University students, Ethan and Elvan

Episode 11: Movin’ on up, movin’ on out!

Ever heard of something called ‘lifestyle inflation? It’s something many millennials experience once they receive a pay rise. Intrigued? Find out exactly what it is by tuning in to this episode. There’s also a sneaky interview with Ash Denman, an Aussie who did a 180 and dumped the Melbourne CBD for the simple life during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Special guest:
Regional migrator, Ash Denman

Episode 10: Financial imbalance in a long-distance relationship

How often do you talk about money with your partner? On this special episode, Tom and Liv sit down with The Finance Burrito’s producer, Claire Frawley! She’ll reveal her experience with financial imbalance in a previous relationship and why effective money management in a relationship is essential. 

Special guest:
The Finance Burrito producer, Claire Frawley

Episode Nine: Let’s start a side hustle

During lockdown last year, many households chose to keep busy by picking up a new hobby. And interestingly, those hobbies turned into side hustles! If you’re someone thinking about taking your passion to the next level, our hosts are here to reveal the ins and outs of side hustles. 

Special guest:
Multiple side hustler, Kitty Humphries

Episode Eight: Is that your best price?

I don’t know about you, but haggling makes my skin crawl. However, it is something more of us should be making an effort to do, especially when it comes to our financial products. In this episode, Liv and Tom show you the ropes on how to haggle your way to a cheaper energy plan, fridge and everything in between! 

Special guest:
Jeweller, Welfe Bowyer

Episode Seven: Ah renting, one of the many joys of adult life…

Renting is a part of adult life that’s sometimes almost impossible to avoid. To keep you on top of your rental need-to-knows, this episode will reveal why you should be pushing for a better deal on your rent while sharing some tips and tricks on how to get it right. 

Special guest:
Head of Australian Research for CoreLogic, Eliza Owen

Episode Six: Press X to continue the next episode of The Finance Burrito

Calling all gamers, this is the episode for you! In this episode, Tom and Liv take on both sides of the gaming world: the game player and the game maker. They’ll chat about how much Aussies are spending on gaming every year, plus how developers make money from games. 

Special guest:
Mobile game developer, Tom Young and documentary maker, Cailleah Scott-Grimes

Episode Five: Is living the ‘gram life sending you broke?

Between dodging marketing ads on your Instagram feed to skipping them on Youtube, social media has become the latest platform that tries to get you to impulse spend. And unfortunately, overspending due to social media can sometimes get out of control. 

Special guest:
Psychologist, Christine Bagley-jones

Episode Four: Let’s play with FI/RE

No, we don’t mean actual fire! FI/RE stands for financial independence, retire early - one of the latest financial movements that’s helping dedicated Aussies hit their savings goals! But just like regular saving, FI/RE requires a degree of sacrifice. Find out what it is in this episode. 

Special guest:
FI/RE follower, Katy Winter

Episode Three: Let’s talk about salary transparency

Being transparent is a key element in any relationship, but what about it when it comes to our salary? In this episode, our hosts investigate the benefits and potential dangers that come with salary transparency, whether that’s among loved ones, friends or even your co-workers. 

Special guest:
Careers coach, Kate Boorer

Episode Two: Debt 101: the good, the bad and the ugly

Personal debt is a common hill many Aussies may have to climb on their journey to financial success. But is debt really as evil as we think it is? That’s the question Liv and Tom answer on this episode of The Finance Burrito! 

Special guests:
Sydney couple, Emma and Ben

Episode One: Debt, drinks and dates

In the very first episode of The Finance Burrito, Tom and Liv get familiar with Buy Now Pay Later giant, Afterpay, and discuss whether a crisis (cough Covid-19) can change the way we behave with money. 

Special guest:
Father of two, Caleb