Compare credit cards for students

Credit card deals can look better than they feel, but Mozo knows what's hot and what's not. Check out the noodlicious student credit cards below, or find the best card in the market in 2 quick steps.

Top 5 Lowest interest rate

- based on ongoing interest rate
  1. 10.99%
    Virgin Money
  2. 12.24%
  3. 12.95%
    Heritage Bank
  4. 13.24%
    Bank of Melbourne
  5. 13.24%
  1. 8.99%
    Community First Credit Union
  2. 9.99%
  3. 9.99%
    ME Bank
  4. 9.99%
    Bank of Melbourne
  5. 9.99%
    Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank
  1. 13.49%
    Low Rate
  2. 13.49%
    Commonwealth Bank
  3. 13.49%
    Low Rate
  4. 13.99%
  • So what's the deal with student credit cards?

    Student credit cards are a great idea for students who need to pay for things like textbooks or amenities fees quickly, but might not have the, ahem, cash flow to do so. They're also a great way to handle those little emergencies without running back to the bank of Mum and Dad. Usually with low rates and reasonable credit limits, a student credit card can also come with student-only benefits, such as no annual fees for as long as you're a full time student. Using a student credit card sensibly and paying your bills on time can also be one of the first steps towards establishing a strong credit record for life after school.

  • What should I look for in a student credit card?

    While it may up your swag factor by about a million percent, a platinum card with a mad rewards program probably isn't going to do the trick. You'll be looking for a card with a low rate, no annual fee, and a bit of interest free time to give you breathing room in paying stuff back. You may also want to click on ‘more information' to check the cash withdrawal interest rate; it can sometimes be a bit higher than the purchase rate. Our most popular student credit cards also include sweet deals on balance transfers.

    Once you've found the perfect deal for you, it's simple to apply online - just follow the prompts to the provider's site. Online student credit card applications can be over and done in about fifteen minutes - too easy.