How to choose the right real estate agent for you?

Couple talking to a potential real estate agent

Whether you are buying or selling a home, going through this process alone isn’t always easy. With the help of a real estate agent, your chances of finding the best possible results may increase.

Real estate agents for home buyers

When you are buying property and want an agent involved you are actually looking for a buyer’s agent instead of a real estate agent. Real estate agents primarily represent property sellers while a buyer's agent looks after you (the property buyer).

If you are a first time home buyer, consider working with an agent, that way you may save time, energy and maybe even money. A buyer’s agent will try to find the best deals for you, and typically does the searching, evaluating and negotiating.

If you are considering buying a house in a different city, state or country, having an agent who can do the home viewing and negotiations on your behalf will save you possible travel time and costs.

A buyer’s agent will provide services like:

  • Property search
  • Market insight
  • Negotiate the purchase price
  • Early access to unlisted property
  • Handle legal and financial communications with the seller

These benefits come with a commission price, which might differ depending on the agent. Typically the more experience the agent may have the more they will charge for their services.

Real estate agents for home sellers

If you are planning on selling your property, having an agent will help smooth sale processes and may even increase the home’s sale price.

A good agent will provide services like:

  • Advertise and market your property
  • Hold house inspection for potential buyers
  • Oversee negotiations for you
  • Makes sure legal and financial requirements are met
  • Connect you with prospect buyers

However, finding the right real estate agent isn’t as easy as googling a couple of names. You will want to foster a relationship with someone who knows your area and what sort of properties are selling. Finding the right agent requires research and going to house inspections to see how they work. If your friends recently sold any property it might be worth asking what their experience was like and if they recommend their agent.

Do not forget that real estate agents' services aren't free. It might be tempting to go with an agent that offers the cheapest fee, but remember much like a financial transaction you get what you pay for.

What to consider when searching for the right agent:

  • Local market knowledge
  • Their communication skills in action
  • Check their past results
  • Do they hold the appropriate licence?
  • Their fees and commission

If you think having an agent isn’t ideal for you there is no need to worry. Check out Mozo’s home guides to help you out on your home buying or selling journey.