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Mozo People's Choice Awards 2024

The 2024 Mozo People’s Choice Awards are based on real customer feedback. Check out the honour roll of Australia’s favourite Banking, Insurance and Household services as voted by Australians.

Giving everyday Australians a voice

Every year, the Mozo People’s Choice Awards recognise companies with the highest customer satisfaction levels, best service, and a range of other qualities. Determined solely by the votes of customers, gathered via a national survey, these awards are about giving Aussies a voice to help others in their purchasing decisions. Whether it’s deciding on a bank, car insurance company or a television manufacturer, these awards are a smart place to start your search.  

“Who better to listen to than the recommendations of thousands of Australians who have purchased these products or had personal experience with these companies? It’s their recommendations that drive the winners list, not ours,” said AJ Duncanson, Mozo’s data director.

For information about the awards process and how the winners were chosen see our methodology reports: 

Autumn edition Mozo People's Choice Awards Methodology - April 2024

Spring edition Mozo People's Choice Awards Methodology - September 2023 

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Household Services



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How did we collect customer ratings for the People’s Choice Awards?

Mozo commissioned CINT, a globally recognised leader in survey management, to conduct a survey measuring people’s attitudes and opinions towards their current providers in a range of products and services.

A total of 4,208 people were surveyed in March and April 2024 for the Autumn and a total of 4,068 individuals were surveyed in August and September 2023 for the Spring Edition. In each area, people were asked to nominate the companies they use, and then to rank them out of 10 in a range of factors including overall customer satisfaction, service and whether they’d recommend them to others. Depending on the industry and product, they were also asked to rate things like product range, delivery service, product features, and trust.

Which providers were considered?

All providers of these services are initially eligible. The survey contained extensive lists of provider names to choose from, but respondents were also able to enter any that were not on the initial list. Any provider who received at least 30 responses became eligible, with the winners representing roughly the top 10%.

The full list of providers and brands that were rated for each award category can be found in our Mozo People’s Choice Awards Methodology Reports - Spring Edition and Autumn 2024 Edition.

How were the 2024 Mozo People’s Choice Award winners chosen?

To determine award winners, the judges ranked all providers who received at least 30 responses in order by average rating. In each award category, the winners circle was chosen to reflect the top 10% of providers. 

Our judge’s discretion was applied in various circumstances - including to reduce the number of winners when there was a clear gap between groups within the top 10%, to increase the number of winners when those just outside the 10% were equally worthy, and to extend winners lists, where a market is dominated by state-based providers so that the best nationally recognised brands could also feature.

While CINT conducted the survey and compiled the ratings, all decisions about the conferring of awards were Mozo’s responsibility.

Why should I trust the awards results?

We are fully transparent about the methodology for choosing award winners and providing a list of companies in each category that were considered for these awards. 

Our goal is to help you make smarter buying decisions. Providers do not have to apply or pay to be considered, nor do they need an existing commercial relationship with Mozo.

I work for one of the companies awarded, how do we promote our award win?

Congratulations! Please get in touch with us to discuss options by emailing our account management team.