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Meet your goals with a money saving calculator

Have you been trying to save for a big purchase and not quite making it?
Do you never seem to meet your target and you're not sure how to get
there? To get a better idea on how long it'll take you to reach your
savings goal or how much you can save in a set period, take a peek
savings calculators like the one we have here on the Mozo website.

Once you'll popped your details into the saving calculator you'll know
how long it'll be before you reach your goals and how much you need to
increased your regularly payments by if you want to get there sooner.
Mozo's saving calculator clearly displays how your savings will grow
with your deposits and accumulated interest, showing that your saving
goals are very achievable!

Once the savings calculator has given you a good idea of what your goals
are, Mozo can help you choose a savings account or term deposit that
will get you there. We have a database of Australia's banks and credit
unions that makes it easy to access which option will bring you the best
returns and who's offering this deal. A term deposit is a great idea if
you already have a bit put aside and don't need regular access to the
money. A savings account is better if you're just beginning saving if
you're starting out from zero, we have a list of savings accounts that
require no minimum balance.

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