Meet the Mozo Moneyvators

Mozo's money writers are motivated to help everyday Aussies save money. Hence the name the Moneyvators! Whether it's uncovering a great rate home loan or feature filled credit card, our goal is to dig through the fine print to uncover the best deals in the financial market. We are also constantly on the hunt for thrifty tidbits and tips that we share in our lifestyle hubs and blog, so you can plump up that savings account in no time. 

Kylie Moss

Content and community director

Working with everyone from our web designers to tech gurus, Kylie ensures all facets of the Mozo website offer the best possible experience to Aussies searching for a better deal. She has over 20 years experience in communications and her ultimate goal is to put the power back in the consumer's hand by making money management a breeze.

Biggest money motivation: "I'm a spending plan convert, so my biggest motivation is guilt free spending. This means paying the least amount necessary for essential expenses like our mortgage and utilities, and putting the maximum towards our fun money stash to use on holidays, nights out and gourmet ice-cream."

Tom Watson

Money writer

When Tom isn’t writing about home loans, car insurance or the latest technology in the financial world, he’s keeping a close eye on his two loves: politics and football. Tom’s also a bit of a personal finance junkie, so he’s keen to pass on his own knowledge and tips to other young Aussies to help them make the most of their own money.

Biggest money motivation: "Without a doubt it’s travelling. I want to explore every corner of the world, but to do that I know I need to maximise my money by finding ways to save and keeping an eye out for deals on my travel insurance and travel money when I’m planning a trip."

Kelly Emmerton

Money editor

Kelly is the Money Editor at, with three years experience in finding the best ways to connect with Aussies about their money management. Through her own writing, she’s developed in-depth knowledge of finance topics across the site. Now, Kelly works very closely with our in-house experts in banking and property, and other expert voices from across the finance industry to ensure that everything published on the Mozo site is accurate, insightful and helpful to our readers.

Biggest money motivation: "I'm at the point now where I’m seriously thinking about my future, in terms of things like one day buying a home and having savings for retirement. So for me, being smart about my money now means I’ll get to enjoy it more down the track."

Ceyda Erem

Money writer

Ceyda is a Content Writer at and is currently in her second year of writing about personal finance. During her time at Mozo, she has developed a thorough understanding across all financial products on site. Specifically, Ceyda specialises in writing about personal loans and international money transfers. She also works closely with our in-house experts in banking and property to create unique content for readers.

Biggest money motivation: "I love all things fashion and beauty and I'll take any opportunity for a shopping trip! But I know that in order to feed my makeup addiction, I need to be smart with money and that means finding ways to save wherever possible."

Roisin Kelly-Goldsmith

Money writer

Roisin is a Media and Communications (Journalism) graduate from RMIT in Melbourne, a self-confessed dog lover and millennial addicted to coffee. Knowing very well the importance of saving in what feels like a "generation rent" era, her mission is to keep Australians informed on money matters through her articles, blogs and guides on the Mozo website.

Biggest money motivation: "Oh that's easy...for my partner and I to buy our first home! This means compromising on luxuries, spending cosy nights in and stashing our savings into the joint high interest savings account."

Steve Jovcevski

Property expert

Whether you're looking to refinance your current mortgage or are a first home buyer ready to jump into the property game, Steve is your go to guy. With over 20 years in the industry, his expertise ranges from developments in the Australian property market, to movements by lenders within the home loan market.

Biggest money motivation: "I live and breathe property, so it probably comes as no surprise that real estate is my biggest financial motivation. I'm especially passionate about helping borrowers save on their home loan by matching them with a great rate loan."

Peter Marshall

Product data manager

After starting his career working for the banks, Peter has spent the last 15 years helping consumers compare financial products. At Mozo he manages the Data Team which keeps track of banking, insurance and energy products in Australia. Outside of data crunching, Peter likes fast cars, hard philosophy, and simple adjectives.

Biggest money motivation: "It's often said that wealthy people got that way by being frugal with money - I may not be wealthy but believe this is a good principle to live by. I love using my industry knowledge to find the best banking deals and let others in on where they are."

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