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  • The 12 traps of Christmas

    11 Dec 2018 is reminding people ‘tis’ the season to be savvy as the festive hype takes hold. “With the Christmas jingles and red and white tinsel flooding the retail landscape, it is the season to be savvy so you don’t blow your budget and end up with the New Year financial blues,” says Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont. To help Australians keep their finances in check, Mozo has compiled 12 financial traps that should be avoided this Christmas season

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  • 124 days is how long Australians have to work just to cover the necessities

    21 Jun 2018

    How many days of the year do you have to work just to cover off day to day costs like keeping a roof over your head, groceries and the daily commute into work? has crunched numbers and found it takes the average Australian six months to earn enough money to cover off their basic living expenses.

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  • Quirky European road rules

    5 Jun 2018

    New research from comparison site Mozo has found that Australians planning to drive during their next European holiday should study up on local road rules to avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law. While packing sunscreen, swimmers and sunglasses makes sense, be sure to leave some room for a first aid kit, breathalyser and a hi-vis jacket.

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  • Borrowers could save over $1,200 a year with one conversation

    4 Jun 2018

    7 in 10 home borrowers who have haggled their lender for a better home loan interest rate have received one, according to new research from

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  • The Cost of Greycare

    3 Jun 2018

    With the rising cost of childcare across Australia, many parents are turning to their parents for childcare assistance, in a bid to save much needed time and money.

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