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Rewards cards are your ticket to something for nothing - but how do you decide between flash cashback, sweet frequent flyers or a solid gold card? Head straight to the latest rewards deals below, or compare rewards cards with our nifty Rewards Revealer search tool.

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What are the benefits of a rewards credit card?

Rewards credit cards come in various guises, from frequent flyer credit cards to travel rewards, cashback deals and giftcard programs. For more info on the benefits of rewards cards read our handy guide rewards cards versus annual fees.

Can I compare rewards credit card programs?

Once this would've involved a lot of unrewarding number crunching. However, Mozo has introduced the Rewards Revealer to crack the rewards card code and deliver the best deals for your personal credit spend.

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Rewards Credit Card Resources

Views, news, tips and guides to help find the best rewards card for you.

The world of credit card rewards

If you are in the market for a new credit card you might be thinking why not get rewarded for your spending? Sounds like a good proposition doesn't it. You spend money and your bank gives you free stuff. Awesome. But before you jump in and sign up with the flashiest card in the market there's a few reward card must-knows which we'll run through in detail in this guide.

If you don't have the time to read our rewards card wisdom, you can always jump straight to our Experts Choice Awards page. Each year, the Mozo money experts review all rewards credit cards in our database and award those cards that offer the best value to customers based on their spending habits.

What types of credit card rewards are there?

How do I choose a rewards program?

What other factors do I need to consider with rewards programs?

What type of credit card features should I look for? 

What fees do rewards credit cards have?

Can I earn rewards on a balance transfer?

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