Travel Credit Cards

Don't return home to a panoramic credit-card bill - search the market in seconds for the travel-friendly credit card that'll save you on foreign currency withdrawals and overseas purchases.

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Travelling with a credit card

Fans of Mozo's credit card comparison show can now enjoy this travel-themed sequel featuring all the characters you know and love (interest-rate comparison, low-annual-fee pageants) with a couple of new stars: overseas purchases and foreign currency withdrawals.

In short, it's all about finding the best travel credit card for your global spending needs, whether that involves a weekend away, an enviably long stay, or an overseas shopping habit.

Travel credit card comparisons on Mozo - rates updated daily

Travel Credit Card Resources

Reviews, news, tips and guides to help find the best travel credit card for you.

The world of Travel Credit Cards

For many Aussies, travelling can give us a hands on experience to all the world has to offer. But in between tasting different cuisines and taking in scenic locations, you might decide you need a piece of plastic to help you get around and pay for those experiences. If you’re considering picking up a travel credit card, here are some of the things you should know.

How can a travel credit card help me while I travel?

Can I use my everyday credit card overseas?

What are the pros and cons of using a travel credit card?

What should I compare in a travel credit card?

Is the complimentary credit card travel insurance enough cover for my holiday?

Aside from a travel credit card, what other travel money options are there?

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