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Selling your home is both an exciting and nail-biting experience. We’ve made the process that little bit easier with our range of home selling guides which cover off all the key steps, traps to watch out for and tips for getting you the best deal.

Choosing and signing with an agent

Selling your house can be a stressful experience - you worry about getting the right price, about finding a new place, about your Great Aunt Cathy’s ancient crystal dinner set getting smashed to bits in the move.

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How to improve the value of your home

Whether you’re upgrading from a bachelor pad, downsizing from an empty nest, moving across country or just looking for something a little more your style, moving out of your home can be a huge upheaval.

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Moving or renovating?

There comes a time in most people’s lives when, like a hermit crab, you’ve outgrown your old home. Maybe it’s not comfortable anymore, maybe you need more room or less, or maybe it’s not in the ideal location.

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Sell or buy, which to do first?

When you’re ready to sell up and move into a new home, there are heaps of things to consider, and it pays to have a strategy in place, rather than just diving right in. Generally speaking, the goals for that strategy are to a) get a great price on your old home and b) secure the deed to your brand new dream home. And, with a little luck, you’ll achieve those goals while c) keeping your sanity intact.

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