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Quieter property market home buying window

Does a slower property market present a home buying window?

Property auctions have been much quieter lately, amid higher mortgage interest rates, lower consumer confidence and rising inflation. In short, buyers have shied away this winter, most likely due to their financial worries but possibly because it’s also been pretty cold.

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What kind of property could you afford if you were on netflix stranger things

Stranger Things: Take the Hawkins property affordability test

So you’re thinking of moving to Hawkins, Indiana. Welcome to Hell – er, we mean the most exciting town in all of Middle America! With local charm, a wide variety of nostalgic properties to choose from, and definitely no demogorgons, there’s something for everyone and every budget in this perfect midwestern slice.

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8 tips to make your household budget go further

With interest rates on the rise, the inflation of food, petrol and services also trending upwards, and the average paycheck finding it hard to keep up with these rising costs, most of us are sharply focused on how we spend our money.While it's hard to quickly increase your income, reducing your outgoings can be easier than you think by making smarter choices that could stretch your budget out further. Even small savings can quickly add up and make a big difference to your family’s budget.So if you’ve got money on your mind and are looking for some easy ways to spend less on your household expenses without making any radical changes, read through our 8 tips to help your budget go the extra mile.

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