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Share trading in 2021 why we re investing and where

Share Trading in 2021: Why we’re investing and where

The country has endured a financial rollercoaster lately, with massive job losses and the first recession in almost 30 years. But rather than see this as a reason to reign in spending, many Aussies chose to take the opportunity to build their financial future through share trading. One platform that noticed this uptick was social media network TradingView, which reported a 340% year-on-year growth and new users jumping from 30k in 2019 to 101k in 2020. Separate research from Investment Trends also shows that it’s younger Aussies who are shaking up the investment market: of Aussies who placed their first trade in the last 12 months, one in six were under the age of 25. Share trading has traditionally been a grey area for Aussies of all ages, which could be chalked up to a lack of education or little talk about it in the media. But with the rising number of younger Aussies now taking an interest in the investment world, share trading might be about to become the next big thing.

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