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Pet spending trends and insurance benefits

The cost of pets: when your furry friend outranks the grandkids

Who needs toys for the grandkids when you can splurge on designer collars and gourmet treats for your four-legged companions? According to a fascinating study by insurance house Australian Seniors, 28% of Aussie pet parents over 50 have made a surprising admission: they're spending more on their pets than on their own kids and grandkids.

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The big mistake are aussie pet owners making

What $1,000 mistake are Aussie pet owners making?

Pets are a man’s best friend, sneaking their way into our hearts and becoming a part of the family. However, along with their companionship, comes the cost of keeping them healthy and safe. Pet insurance can help give pet owners peace of mind, but recent research from Mozo shows that Aussies are paying a whopping $1,030 more than they have to in premiums each year!

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How to celebrate holidays safely with your dog

How to celebrate Easter safely with your dog

Ah, Easter: a lovely holiday for us, but a chocolate-riddled temptation for our pooches. Because accidental poison ingestion is a common claim on pet insurance, here are some tips on avoiding disaster and celebrating the Easter weekend safely with your dog.

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Dog and cat ownership costs in australia

How much does it cost to own a cat or a dog in Australia?

Getting a dog or a cat can be a life-changing, rewarding – and expensive – experience. From food and toys to vaccinations and pet insurance, there are a lot of associated pet costs to consider. But how much of an investment are our pets?

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Dog and puppy name ideas

Dog and puppy name ideas for 2023

Not sure what to name your new puppy? No woz – here are 101 bone-afide dog names to get the creative juices flowing. Sign that pet insurance certificate with pride!

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Can santa insure his reindeer

Can Santa insure his reindeer?

Good ol’ St. Nicholas is a responsible pet owner. Not only does he want to give his reindeer pet insurance for Christmas, but he wants to get them the best coverage possible for the best price. T’is the season, after all.

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