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5 financial New Year goals to set and achieve

As we bid farewell to the previous financial year and welcome in the new one, it’s the perfect time to set fresh money goals. Whether you're aiming to boost your savings, reduce debt, or make smarter investments, setting clear and achievable goals can pave the way for a prosperous year ahead. Here are five financial New Year's goals to help you kick off the new financial year on the right foot.

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How to increase the interest on your savings

How to triple the interest on your savings

With inflation at an all time high and the cost of living having a choke-hold on many Australian families, it’s time to think smarter when it comes to making your money work harder for you. So what better time to boost your savings interest rate with a few smart moves that could triple your returns?

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Support aussie farmers and boost your savings

Support Aussie farmers and boost your savings

Rabobank has long been known as the bank for agribusinesses, but did you know that it’s also one of Australia’s leading providers of high interest savings and term deposit options for everyday Australians?

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How aussies can avoid the spaving trap

How Aussies can avoid the ‘spaving’ trap

In a world where the temptation to splurge is everywhere, it's easy to fall into the trap of 'spaving', aka - spending to save. While it may seem like a savvy strategy at first glance, this trend can quickly lead to financial pitfalls if not approached with caution.

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