Home loan resources

Home loans guides

This is the home to Mozo’s range of must-read guides on all aspects of home buying, selling, renovating and general mortgage and home loan essentials. Jump straight to the section that best relates to your home loan needs or become an expert on all aspects of property finance one section at a time.

Hl home buying

Home buying guides

We’ll walk you through key home buying steps, highlight the pros and cons and shed light on the costs associated with buying property and getting a home loan.

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Hl first time buyers

First time buyer guides

We throw a spotlight on all the key financial aspects you need to get your head around as a first time buyer, from understanding home loan terminology, working out how much you can afford to choosing a lender.

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Hl home selling

Home selling guides

Outgrown the nest or looking to downsize? Mozo’s home selling guides cover off important topics like estimating your home selling costs, timing your home sale to choosing a real estate agent.

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Hl renovation

Home renovation guides

Whether you’re renovating to sell or want to give your ‘forever home’ a refresh, Mozo’s range of home renovation guides have lots of helpful hints to help you stay on the money.

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Hl investing

Investing guides

Our range of property investing guides walk you through the A-Z of investing from tax tips through to investment loan essentials.

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Hl refinancing

Refinancing guides

Looking for a cheaper loan or tap into your home’s equity? Mozo’s money experts have developed a series of guides that run you through key refinancing tips and tricks.

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Hl features

Home loan features guides

Become a home loan expert with our in depth product guides detailing the types of loans available, fees to watch, and key money saving features that will help you own your home sooner.

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Hl mortgage brokers

Mortgage broker guides

Want help getting your home loan? Our guides detail services available through mortgage brokers and home loan experts so that you’re informed of the pros and cons when buying or refinancing.

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