About the Mozo database

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About the Mozo database

Since 2008, Mozo has been tracking the interest rates and product details of many providers across the Australian retail banking market. We’ve also added new categories to our site for comparison purposes since, and our proprietary comparison database has grown to track over 4300 products across banking and insurance.

In addition to retail banking products we also compare Australia’s insurance products (home, car, pet, travel), share trading, international money transfers and business banking products.

Our  inhouse research team is dedicated to keeping the Mozo database updated and we have robust processes in place to ensure that when you come to the Mozo website, you can be confident that the rates and product information displayed are updated to reflect the latest information from providers. Our team tracks updates every business day.

We do not track every single product available in the market, but we are extremely proud that our database, also the engine of our business intelligence tool Marketview, is one of the most comprehensive retail banking databases in Australia and trusted by many leading banking institutions and media for their analysis and competitive monitoring. 

The Mozo Rate Chasers

Mozo research team managed our database and track over 1000 products learn more

Key stats from the Mozo database

In the banking sector we track rates and product information from banks, online lenders, mutual banks and credit unions. We also track product details and features of car, home, travel and pet insurance providers across Australia.

Banking and insurance products

We track a wealth of banking and insurance products at Mozo, including 3,600 individual offerings organised into 1,800 product groups, sourced from 250 providers. This extensive data enables us to provide comprehensive insights to our users about the banking landscape.

Brands we compare on Mozo

We compare products from the following well-known brands and many more... See all