Suncorp offers solar cashback for home loan customers

Two homes with rooftop solar panels

Suncorp Bank has announced that new and existing home loan customers who have a solar power system or will have one installed before 31 December 2021 may be eligible to receive a cash bonus from the bank. 

The Bank plans to reward its customers for supporting renewable energy with a cash offer, with new or existing customers both eligible. 

Suncorp Bank will offer new eligible home loan customers $3,000 cash back, while eligible existing customers with an eligible solar power system installed can apply for $500 cashback to reward their loyalty.

The offer applies to those loaning either a house or a townhouse.

The offer is not available to customers who are refinancing existing Suncorp Bank loans or those with loan pre-approvals, however those with multiple properties with eligible solar systems, each subject to an existing Suncorp Bank home loan, you might be able to claim the $500 cashback for each property.

Customers applying for the cashback will need proof of their solar system such as an electricity bill with solar metering charge, however there is no minimum kW requirement for your system. 

“We are committed to provide(sic) banking solutions for customers that support sustainability and our Solar Home Bonus is a practical step towards a more sustainable world,” said Suncorp Bank chief executive, Clive Van Horen. 

More than 2 million Aussie households now feature rooftop solar panels, as the technology continues to become more affordable and reliable. In recent weeks, combined small and large-scale solar generation has at times overtaken coal across Australia’s main grids.

Suncorp Banks’ cashback offer for customers who participate in solar comes alongside its own plan to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025 and reach net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. 

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