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  • How Labor’s home battery subsidies could reduce your energy bill

    Wednesday 28 November 2018

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    As the Liberal and Labor parties continue their stoush over the development of a national energy policy, everyday Australians are making it apparent that slashing energy prices is at the top of the Christmas wish list. And with so much confusion surrounding current energy pricing, Aussies are left wondering whether Labor’s push for off-grid renewable energy could drive down their bill.

  • Standing electricity offers increase by 75%, says Vinnies

    Monday 19 November 2018

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    With summer on it’s way, Aussies are gearing up to crack out the barbie, stock up on zooper doopers and, sadly, brace for high power bills. And since this season’s set to be an absolute scorcher, reaching for the aircon remote is going to be more tempting than ever. But with current energy prices, you might want to give that a second thought.

  • High energy prices drive low customer satisfaction for energy retailers

    Friday 02 November 2018

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    If you’ve ever been left in the dark (literally), and unhappy with your energy provider, you’re not alone, as Roy Morgan research has revealed that only 60.9% of Aussies are satisfied with their energy provider, a 12.6% drop since 2009.

  • The energy companies Aussies trust the most- and least

    Friday 26 October 2018

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    If you’ve ever been unhappy with your energy provider and wondered if the grass was greener on the other side, you could be right. Everyday Aussies have had their say, naming the most trusted, and least trusted, energy providers in a Roy Morgan survey.

  • Default energy pricing on the way to help everyday Aussies save on their energy bill

    Tuesday 23 October 2018

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    The withdrawal of the National Energy Guarantee in recent months lead to a stall in decision making regarding the future of energy pricing, but a recent request from the Australian government could see cheaper default offers push down energy prices from as early as next year.

  • Who has the best solar-friendly and green electricity plans?

    Monday 15 October 2018

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    With renewable energy growing in popularity, and Aussies turning to solar in record numbers, having affordable green energy options available to everyday Australians is becoming more and more necessary.

  • The energy providers helping small business owners save

    Wednesday 10 October 2018

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    When it comes to choosing an energy plan for your small business, it’s easy to just go with what you know. But what if you could shave hundreds (or thousands!) off your energy bill just by picking the right provider?

  • Why this summer could add to energy price pressures

    Tuesday 09 October 2018

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    After surviving the July 1 energy price changes, Aussies could see base energy prices increase this summer. This is due to both the reduction of water in the Snowy hydro dam and regular coal and gas plant breakdowns, which could see wholesale prices soar, with effects trickling down to everyday Aussies.

  • The cheapest energy providers by state revealed

    Thursday 04 October 2018

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    If you cringe whenever someone suggests air conditioning, or pack the washer and dryer so full nothing gets clean, it may be time to reconsider your relationship with your energy provider. The 2018 Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards might help you take the leap, revealing the cheapest energy plans available to everyday Aussies.

  • How a smart electric water heater could shave thousands off your energy bill

    Tuesday 25 September 2018

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    There are many reasons for switching to solar, but if anything’s for sure, it’s that Aussies want to see their energy bill decrease. The upfront cost of solar panels and storage can be daunting, but with new kid on the block Solahart PowerStore, you could be set to save on both the upfront investment and your quarterly power bills.