Credit Card Awards 2020

A big congratulations to the credit card winners of Mozo Experts Choice Awards for 2020. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in a new card, whether it’s a competitively low interest rate, no annual fee or the latest in security, the Mozo Experts Choice winners list is the ideal way to find a great value credit card.

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What are the Mozo Experts Choice Awards?

Now in their seventh year, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards provide a platform to highlight products in the marketplace we believe offer great value to Australians.

“We analysed over 215 personal and 45 business credit cards from 72 financial institutions for this year’s awards. That’s a pretty daunting number and it just demonstrates how complex the Australian credit card market is,” said Peter Marshall, Mozo Experts Choice Awards Judge.  

“Every credit card has different features, interest rates and fees, so it is important when looking for a credit card that you choose one that is going to best meet your spending needs and budget. This is why our credit card awards are split into distinct categories and the winners are different across the categories."

“There just isn’t one single best card on the market for everyone,” he added. “But our 2020 list of award winners should be a good starting point for you to find the best card for you.” 

For details on how we crunched the numbers and determined our winners see our 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Awards Credit Card methodology report.


Credit Card Provider of the Year


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2020 marks the fourth year in a row that American Express has taken out the Credit Card Provider of the Year award. This year, the credit card heavyweight collected eight award wins across both personal and small business cards, in categories ranging from low rate to rewards cards, and everything in between.

Some of the Amex cards to take out awards include: Low Rate Credit Card, Essential Credit Card, Qantas Discovery Card, Qantas Ultimate Card, Explorer Card and Business Explorer Credit Card.


Low Rate Credit Card


The winners of our Low Rate Credit Card category have some of the lowest purchase interest rates available. The impact of annual fees charged for holding the card and the number of interest free days on offer were also taken into account in this award category.

Low Rate Platinum Credit Card


The winners listed below prove that you don’t have to pay exorbitant interest rates to take advantage of the extra benefits a platinum card usually brings. The winners for this category were assessed on interest rate and annual fee.

No Annual Fee Credit Card


Hate paying fees? This award category is for you. Here are the best value cards with no annual fees. But to make our list of award winners, these credit cards also have good interest free periods and some of the lowest interest rates of the cards eligible for an award. Those who took home the title were...

No Annual Fee Platinum Credit Card


Out of all the cards we assessed only two platinum cards met our criteria of charging no annual fee and offering interest free days. The interest rates on these cards are not as low as the winners in the standard No Annual Fee category, but if you confidently clear your balance every month, this cost disappears.

Balance Transfer Credit Card


Balance transfers come in all shapes and sizes and this award category is designed for those whose priority it is to pay down an existing debt. The Mozo judges crunched the numbers to find which cards offer the best value for a regular cardholder, taking into account not only the balance transfer terms, but also the annual fee and what the credit card might cost once the introductory rate expires.

Balance Transfer Platinum Credit Card


Much like regular balance transfer cards, there is a range of options to choose from when wanting to pay down your debt. For customers looking to transfer a balance to a Platinum card, these cards came out on top.



Innovative and fresh to the market, NAB’s new StraightUp card blends the convenience of a credit card with the simple price and payment structure of Buy Now Pay Later services. The card can help people manage cash flow for a set monthly cost and no risk of accumulating a large interest bill.



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