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 Westpac takes home multiple insurance awards in 2020

Westpac takes home multiple insurance awards in 2020

It can be a bit of a drag when your insurance renewal rolls around for another year and yet again you haven’t needed to make a claim. But that’s the thing about having insurance: you hope for the best but are prepared for the worst. Future you will be grateful you played it safe.Mozo’s aim in the insurance game is to help ease the financial strain of maintaining your cover by helping you find a top value-for-money policy. We also try to help simplify the process of taking out a policy which suits your needs.In pursuit of these goals, Mozo analyses what’s on offer in the insurance world each year in the Mozo Experts Choice Awards. In 2020, the expert judges were on the hunt for the best value and highest quality home and contents insurance.In both regards, Westpac’s Home & Contents Insurance was a stand-out performer. Its Premier Care tier – Westpac’s highest grade of home and contents insurance – was awarded in the Exceptional Value and Exceptional Quality award categories, with the standard Essential Care option also taking home a value award.When considering value, Mozo’s expert judges assessed the policies in terms of the level of cover offered at a more affordable price compared to others in the market. When they assessed quality, the judges were on the lookout for even more generous or extensive policy features.Read on to learn more about Westpac’s winning cover.

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 Australia’s best life insurance unveiled for 2020

Australia’s best life insurance unveiled for 2020

When we’re young we tend to live life on a whim. But as we get older, get married, have kids, grow careers and more, we come to the realisation that life insurance could be an important part of having a sound financial plan. After all, nobody knows what tomorrow holds.  The fact is, life insurance can be confusing, and it’s hard to know what you really need. So, it’s important to research and compare the plans that are out there; what they include, how much you’ll pay, and ultimately find one that is aligned with your individual needs.  For the second year in a row, Mozo money experts took to the stage, sifted through the nitty gritty of 25 different providers of life insurance to find Australia’s best value and quality direct life insurance for 2020.  “Our research showed there were vast differences between features and policies, as well as incredible price variations of up to 50% between similar policies on the market,” said Mozo Experts Choice Awards judge, Peter Marshall.

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