Australia's Best Travel Insurance for December 2023

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Whether you’re planning a resort holiday in Fiji, voyaging on a cruise, or hopping on a plane to Europe, it’s important to consider packing travel insurance. But how could you go about finding the best policy? What features and perks could your holiday need, and which providers stand out for amazing coverage? 

That’s where the Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards come in, hot off the baggage claim for 2023. 

Every year, Mozo’s expert judges compare dozens of travel insurance providers to see which ones fly above and beyond in terms of quality and value. Providers offering the best coverage take home a Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance^ win. 

“Finding a policy may be a bit daunting, especially when policy features and costs can change depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing,” says Mozo Experts Choice Awards, Judge Peter Marshall. 

“We wanted to examine everything across a range of holidays, head-to-head, to help Australians find the best value cover, and award those providers offering the best travel insurance in 2023.”

So without further ado, here are the winners crowned this year, along with some of the latest deals for this month highlighted by our editor's – and some expert tips on how you could find the best policy for your trip.

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Editor’s Picks: Top travel insurance policies for December 2023

Freely - International Travel Insurance
  • Customisable, flexible coverage through the Freely app
  • 10% off with a Mozo exclusive discount

Editor’s Pick: For those looking for sheer convenience, it’s hard to beat Freely’s all-in-one travel app. Customise this flexible policy by adding or taking away extras and coverage as you need it to suit your holiday. Friends suddenly invite you whitewater rafting? Add adventure sports cover (with conditions). Optional extras include gadgets, snow sports, cruise, motorcycle cover, and more. For a limited time, you could also nab 10% off your policy with the Promo Code “MOZO10” (T&Cs).

Australia Post Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Get a quote in minutes

Editor’s Pick: If you’re looking for cover from a name you can trust, Australia Post International Comprehensive Travel Insurance covers overseas medical expenses, cancellation costs and more (T&Cs apply). You can also get optional extras like cover for existing medical conditions and winter sports to tailor cover to your needs. Plus, you can also reduce your premium with your choice of excess.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance - International Comprehensive Family
  • Unlimited medical and evacuation cover (T&Cs)
  • Optional extras for snow sports and motorcycle cover (T&Cs)

Editor’s Pick: Whether travelling alone or with your family, this single-trip comprehensive insurance policy aims to please with some great standard features. Unlimited medical and evacuation cover headline the policy, and you have the option to increase cancellation to unlimited (though this will add to your premium). Travelling solo overseas for less than two days? Southern Cross claims your premium could cost less than a meal. Unfortunately, pre-existing conditions aren’t automatically included, but you can apply to have them added with a medical assessment for an additional premium (with conditions).

Fast Cover - Comprehensive Policy
  • Generous and flexible optional extras
  • 43 pre-existing conditions automatically included (T&Cs)

Editor’s Pick: Looking for a solid all-rounder with amazing medical and COVID-19 benefits? Fast Cover’s comprehensive travel insurance policy makes a compelling option. Customers can select their cover based on region, activities, trip duration, and a host of optional extras like cruise, motorcycle, adventure, and rental vehicle excess insurance to tailor their plans for their holiday needs. The comprehensive policy includes unlimited medical and cancellation cover, with unlimited medical cover if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 and a 5,000 limit for cancellation fees if you contract the virus and need to pull out of a leg of your journey. Keep in mind sub-limits, exclusions, and conditions apply, so make sure to read the PDS before signing up.

Expert recommendations: Mozo Experts Choice Award-winning best travel insurance policies

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Each year, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards recognise travel insurance providers for having the most outstanding performance to suit the needs of different types of travellers. Categories include Exceptional Value and Exceptional Quality for various policy types, from comprehensive, multi-trip, cruise, ski, and basic coverage. 

Policies ranked highly for their quality are those that  boast the most generous coverage (i.e. comprehensive travel insurance). On the other hand, policies with great value offer a minimum level of  coverage for the least price. 

Our Experts Judges look at many factors when evaluating a policy for an award, most critically:

  • Price, including any excesses and limits, and how premiums vary based on the holiday.
  • Coverage, including benefits and exclusions.

The insurance company with the most standout wins for both quality and value will receive the prestigious Travel Insurance Company of the Year^ award.

Judges will also compare how well a policy travels for different popular destinations and kinds of trips, so we can nail down the best picks for as many types of holidays as possible.

To see how judges made their choices, check out the Mozo Experts Choice Travel Awards^ methodology report for 2023.

And as always, every travel insurance policy will have its terms and conditions laid out in the product disclosure statement (PDS). Be sure to read the PDS properly and thoroughly before signing up!

Travel Insurance Company of the Year - World2Cover
  • Multiple Mozo Experts Choice Awards^ winner in 2023
  • Unlimited emergency, cancellation, and medical cover (T&Cs)

Why it won: World2Cover’s comprehensive Top policy picked up wins for both Exceptional Value and Exceptional Quality Travel Insurance, making it the obvious candidate for this prestigious crown. With unlimited emergency, cancellation, and medical cover (with conditions), World2Cover makes an extremely competitive choice for travellers hunting the most inclusions for the best value. 

Standout perks include coverage for 38 pre-existing conditions (including migraines and sleep apnoea), rental car excesses, and up to $2,000 for overseas dental treatment (all with T&Cs). Plus, many amateur and outdoor sports like bungee jumping can be covered at no extra cost (T&Cs).

Travel Insurance Saver - Bare Essentials
  • Unlimited overseas medical coverage (T&Cs)
  • Up to $2,500 emergency cancellation and $2,000 lost luggage and effects coverage (T&Cs)

Why it won: Underwritten by NIB, this impressive essentials policy performed well in terms of Exceptional Value^ when assessed for a hypothetical 14-day trip for a family of four to Vietnam.

While limits apply, eligible expenses you could claim under this policy include emergency cancellation, lost luggage, and replacement passport and travel documents coverage (T&Cs).

Cover-More - International Comprehensive+
  • Multiple Mozo Experts Choice Award^ winner
  • On- and pre-trip cover if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 (T&Cs)
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Why it won: This ultra-comprehensive policy impressed judges enough to nab two wins, one for Exceptional Quality and another for Exceptional Quality Annual Multi-Trip. With generous coverage for a range of misadventures, including pre and on-trip COVID cover, up to $25,000 for lost or stolen luggage, unlimited overseas medical expenses, and special business trip benefits, Cover-More packs a punch for the holidays (T&Cs). You can also tailor your policy with optional extras like the Cancellations Extensions add-on to extend your coverage.

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Customer favourites: Best travel insurance from Mozo People’s Choice Awards

Australia Post - Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Five Mozo People’s Choice Awards for 2023
  • Flexible excess

Why it won: Sending yourself overseas? Australia Post has developed a first-class comprehensive international travel insurance policy that took home five Mozo People’s Choice wins in 2023. Aussies rated this provider highly for customer satisfaction and service, as well as easy sign-up experience and Most Recommended. And no wonder: Australia Post reckons you can get a quote in minutes. Tailor your policy by choosing your excess and level of coverage; the comprehensive plan comes with unlimited overseas medical and additional emergency expenses coverage, as well as benefits like money to resume your trip if cancelled for eligible reasons (T&Cs apply).

Flight Centre - International Plus Single Trip
  • Two Mozo People’s Choice Awards for 2023
  • Automatically included adventure activities (T&Cs)
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Why it won: Flight Centre has long been in the plane ticket game, but did you know you can also take out comprehensive international travel insurance through it? With two 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Sign-up Experience and Most Recommended, there’s plenty to check out before checking your luggage with Flight Centre. The International Plus Single-Trip policy includes unlimited overseas medical and emergency expenses coverage and handy benefits like automatic adventure activities coverage for certain activities and the ability to increase sub-limits for certain belongings and rental car excess (with conditions).

RACV - Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Two Mozo People’s Choice Awards for 2023
  • Domestic pet cover (T&Cs)
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Why it won: Voted both Highly Trusted and Most Recommended at the 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Awards, RACV flies high with this excellent option for comprehensive coverage. Benefits include unlimited overseas medical, emergency expenses, and cancellation covers, plus line items for luggage, travel documents, and even domestic pet cover (conditions and limits apply).

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Expert recommendations are amazing, but what do real travellers think is the best insurance? Thankfully, the 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Awards have landed.

Mozo asked 836 of your fellow Australians which travel insurance providers they rate highly across a range of categories, from customer satisfaction and service to trustworthiness, sign-up and claims experiences, and whether they’d recommend them to a friend.

Winners were then given a Mozo People’s Choice Award, making them some of the best providers around (and in the air).

Compare winners from the latest awards below.

Looking for something a little unique? While these providers may have missed out on a Mozo award this year, we think they still offer something special to travellers.

More best travel insurance winners

Collage of two backpackers scouring a map before jetsetting across the globe with travel insurance.

Here’s the full list of winners for the Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards^ for 2023, broken down by category. 


If your travel budget is tight, weighing up the value you’re getting when looking at a policy is crucial. This year, Mozo’s expert judges wanted to highlight great value plans to make the comparison process easier.

From medical-only and essentials cover to more comprehensive and annual multi-trip policies, these providers all offered a required set of inclusions for the judges at the best prices. 

  • Exceptional Medical Only coverage winners simply needed to have unlimited emergency overseas medical cover. 
  • Essential coverage winners needed to have at least $2,000 coverage per traveller for both personal items and cancellation coverage. 
  • Comprehensive, ski, cruise, and annual multi-trip coverage winners needed at least $7,500 of luggage cover per person, plus $15,000 cancellation cover per person. Multi-trip plans were also assessed for a single traveller jet-setting for 30-day trips in a 12-month period.

Mozo’s expert judges also assessed some providers based on the value they offer vacation activities like snow sports or cruise travel

Policies that didn’t win an overall coverage award but performed well for any of our eight popular destinations (USA, UK, NZ, Bali, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and Europe) for a hypothetical family of four on a 14-day trip, were also crowned as Exceptional country winners.

Check out the winners below.

Exceptional Value Medical Only Travel Insurance

  • ahm – Medical Only policy
  • Australia Post – Basic policy
  • Zoom – Medical Only policy

Easy Travel Insurance also won Exceptional Value Medical Only for New Zealand, while Medibank won for the USA.

Exceptional Value Essential Travel Insurance

  • American Express – Essential policy
  • Tick Travel Insurance – Standard policy

Country-specific winners for Exceptional Value Essential Travel Insurance include Chubb Australia (UK), Go Insurance (Bali), insure4less (USA) and Travel Insurance Saver (Vietnam).

Exceptional Value Comprehensive Travel Insurance

  • 1Cover – Comprehensive policy
  • American Express – Ultimate policy
  • Tick Travel Insurance – Top policy
  • World2Cover – Top policy
  • Zoom – Standard and Comprehensive policies

For Exceptional Value Comprehensive winners for certain destinations, look no further than Chubb Australia for the UK, and Australia Post and NRMA for New Zealand. 

Exceptional Value Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

  • Medibank – Annual Multi-Trip policy
  • NRMA – Comprehensive Annual Multi-Trip policy
  • Webjet – Travel Safe Plus Multi-Trip policy

Exceptional Value Cruise Travel Insurance

  • Allianz – Comprehensive Plan policy
  • Qantas – International Comprehensive policy
  • Worldcare – Comprehensive policy
  • Zoom – Standard and Comprehensive policies

Exceptional Value Ski Travel Insurance

  • Australia Post – Comprehensive policy
  • NRMA – Comprehensive Plan policy
  • Tick Travel Insurance – Top policy


Some travellers want the best possible insurance, no matter the cost. That’s why Mozo’s expert judges analysed policies with the broadest and most generous cover for the Exceptional Quality travel insurance awards, for both comprehensive and multi-trip policies.

Exceptional Quality Travel Insurance

  • Allianz – Comprehensive Plan policy
  • Cover-More – International Comprehensive and International Comprehensive+ policies
  • Easy Travel Insurance – Premium policy
  • Medibank – Comprehensive policy
  • RAA – Premium policy
  • RACQ – Premium policy
  • RACT – Premium policy
  • RACV – Comprehensive policy
  • World2Cover – Top policy

Exceptional Quality Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

  • Allianz – Multi-Trip Plan policy
  • Cover-More – Multi-Trip International Comprehensive and Multi-Trip International Comprehensive+ policies
  • Easy Travel Insurance – Annual Multi-Trip policy
  • Medibank – Annual Multi-Trip policy

What kind of travel insurance do I need?

Collage of a blue suitcase surrounded by pink question marks.

When finding the best travel insurance policy for yourself, it’s important to compare as many different policies as possible. But what if you’re not sure where to start? Let’s break down the tiers and types of travel insurance on offer. 

Travel insurance policies vary based on where you’re going and for how long. For example:

  • Domestic travel insurance can be great if you’re just exploring Australia.
  • International travel insurance can be great for a once-off trip abroad.
  • Multi-trip travel insurance can be great if you’re making more than one trip, locally or abroad (usually within the same year).

Once you’ve picked the kind of travel insurance you’re after, providers will usually offer multiple tiers (or levels) of coverage, such as medical only, essentials, or comprehensive insurance.

You may also be able to get complimentary credit card travel insurance, which comes as a perk of your credit card.

Travel insurance policies can also include optional extras that tailor your coverage for specific holidays, like backpacker travel insurance or senior travel insurance.

Many clues can point to a travel insurance policy ranking among the best – exceptional price, excellent coverage, and a thumbs-up from fellow Aussie travellers. But the best indicator that a policy rocks? It’s the best for you. 

When comparing travel insurance policies, assess them like you’re giving out your own award: the win of your business! Read through the PDS, send for quotes, and ask yourself questions like:

  • Does this policy cover my holiday needs?
  • Is this within a price range I’m happy with? (Cheap travel insurance has trade-offs). 
  • Would I feel comfortable working with this provider when the worst happens?

If the answer is ‘yes’, you could be on to a winner.

Other considerations are important, too, however, especially the nitty-gritty details. For example:

Because every situation is different, not every travel insurance policy is the best for everyone. Some people want an affordable price, while others want the most coverage, no matter the price. 

Comparing what’s on offer can help you determine which travel insurances offer you the best value and quality for your holiday.

FAQs about travel insurance

Do I have to have travel insurance?

These days, travel insurance has become as essential as your passport. The right level of coverage could help your finances weather all kinds of unexpected emergencies, from medical treatment to flight cancellations.

While not necessarily mandatory in Australia, it can be a useful financial tool to have in your back pocket. 

With pandemic disruptions still raging, travel insurance has become a wise investment for the practical traveller.

Some overseas destinations have even made basic travel insurance mandatory for entry at the border (usually to cover the costs associated with treating COVID-19). 

When comparing travel insurance policies, it’s vital to ensure the coverage and prices match your holiday needs.

Is it better to have essentials-only or comprehensive travel insurance coverage?

The best travel insurance coverage for you will depend on your needs and holiday. 

For instance, if you’re a relatively low-risk traveller on a budget (but can weather unexpected costs like delays or lost luggage), a basic or essentials-only travel insurance policy could suit you. 

However, if you’re looking for the most protection possible, or you’re doing adventurous travel activities like skiing, comprehensive travel insurance might be a better option.

Different travellers will need different kinds of insurance. Comparing multiple policies can give you an idea of the coverage and value available to your situation.

How much should travel insurance cost?

Travel insurance prices depend on the policy, provider, excess, level of coverage, and destination you choose. Your price may also vary if you’ve included optional extras or expanded your limits for personal items like an expensive smartphone or to cover a pre-existing medical condition. 

Mozo found the average cost for different travel insurance policies ranges from roughly $90 to well over $1,000, depending on the needs of the trip. Most settled between $200 - $400.

However, price is entirely subjective. What seems reasonable to one person could be either too cheap or too expensive to another. 

When comparing travel insurance policies, it’s vital to look for value, not just the price. A cheap policy might not cover you adequately, while an expensive policy might not give you all the perks you need, either. The best policy for you will cover your trip within your budget.

What’s the best travel insurance to get if you’re already overseas?

If you’ve jet-set without packing your travel insurance, don’t panic. You still have options to get the coverage you need for your trip. 

Firstly, compare travel insurance policies and get quotes. Some policies may not cover trips already in progress, but others might. The product disclosure statement (PDS) will tell you what benefits, costs, and exclusions you need to know before you buy.

If you have a credit card, it’s worthwhile investigating to see if you can get free travel insurance through your lender. Many will have activation requirements, like proving you’ve paid a certain amount of travel costs with your card.

Speak to your credit card provider if you’re unsure what best applies to your situation.

Mozo provides general product information. We don't consider your personal objectives, financial situation or needs and we aren't recommending any specific product to you. You should make your own decision after reading the PDS or offer documentation, or seeking independent advice.

While we pride ourselves on covering a wide range of products, we don't cover every product in the market. If you decide to apply for a product through our website, you will be dealing directly with the provider of that product and not with Mozo.