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Latest Banking Guides

We’ve crunched the numbers, read the fine print and researched hundreds of products. Penned by Mozo’s team of money experts, our banking guides help you uncover smart ways to save and get a better deal on your finances.

Government grants

Government grants

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Pros and cons of a debt consolidation loan

Pros and cons of a debt consolidation loan

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Mitsubishi finance

Mitsubishi finance

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How long does it take to transfer money overseas

How long does it take to transfer money overseas

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Travel credit cards for students and backpackers

Travel credit cards for students and backpackers

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Premium rewards cards

Premium rewards cards

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Best savings accounts

Best savings accounts

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What is a cash management account

What is a cash management account

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Debit Cards vs. EFTPOS - what’s the difference?

Debit Cards vs. EFTPOS - what’s the difference?

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What happens to your term deposit if your bank closes

What happens to your term deposit if your bank closes

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Are neobanks safe?

Are neobanks safe?

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Latest Banking News

How does rabobanks high interest savings account compare to police banks u30 super charge saver

How does Rabobank’s High Interest Savings account at 5.75% p.a. compare to Police Bank’s U30 SUPER CHARGE saver?

Rabobank's High Interest Saver currently offers a bonus rate of 5.75% p.a. for the first 4 months, making it the highest savings interest rate in the Mozo database as of June.

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Mozo research finds 69 per cent of bnpl users settle bnpl debt with credit cards

Mozo research finds 69% of BNPL users settle BNPL debt with credit cards

New Mozo research reveals an increasing reliance on credit cards to pay off Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) debts among Australian consumers.

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Australian housing market shuts out singles

Australian housing market shuts out singles – what to do if you’re riding solo

They say teamwork makes the dream work. But it's now clearer than ever that the platitude applies to the Australian dream of homeownership, too.

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Move bank slashes car loan rates

MOVE Bank slashes car loan interest rates to sub 7%

MOVE Bank is the latest lender to offer sub 7% rates on secured car loans for new vehicles.

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Are shorter term deposits worth a look right now

Are shorter term deposits worth a look right now?

Term deposits have reached some great levels in recent months. But, while it can be tempting to lock your savings away for some time, it’s possible that you can miss out on some rates that are actually highest in the short term.

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Ubank launches new bill paying account

ubank launches new bill paying account

It’s not often we see a new trend in bank accounts, but this could be one to watch. Ubank, Australia’s first homegrown digital bank, has just launched its new Bills Account.

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Why debit card payments matter to both shops and shoppers

Why debit card payments matter to both shops and shoppers

Many of us are over physical money – some never even carry it. Check your wallet right now, it’s likely padded with debit cards but light on notes.

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Using a short term personal loan to pay for home renovations

Using a short-term personal loan to pay for home renovations

Got a short-term home reno project in the works? Whether you’re redoing the tiles in the bathroom or upgrading your kitchen benchtop, a personal loan can be useful for a quick and relatively simple finance option to fund tweaks around the house.

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Is there an average speed on international transfers

Is there an average speed on international transfers?

As consumers of the 21st century, we are used to getting everything the minute we need it. It’s the same with international transfers, especially during an emergency.

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Meet frollo australia s best money management app for 2023

Meet Frollo: Australia's Best Money Management App of 2023

Keeping track of your expenses and budget progress has advanced beyond spreadsheets, with the right tools being a huge asset to your financial goals.

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Is buy now pay later putting you at risk

Is Buy Now Pay Later putting you at risk?

Australians have been enthusiastic users of Buy Now Pay Later services, with RFIGlobal research showing that some 40% of Aussies regularly use BNPL as a payment method. Now the BNPL is to be regulated under the National Credit Act, it’s worth considering whether the rewards of Buy Now Pay Later outweigh the risks.

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