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When you’re investing in property you never stop looking for ways to get a better return on your investment. Mozo’s property investment guides walk you through key aspects of property investing from choosing the right suburb and property, getting the best loan set up for your investment and top tips.

6 investment tax tips for a bumper return

Do you own an investment property or perhaps you have a whole portfolio under your ownership belt? Well lucky you because one of the major perks of being a property investor in Australia - if your property is negatively geared - is the range of deductions you can make on your taxable income at tax time.

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Buying an investment property

Buying property in Australia is a popular investment option, especially as house prices in recent years have increased. But investing in property isn’t for everyone, and despite the gains of recent years, investing in property doesn’t always deliver positive returns.

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Features to look for in an investment loan

Any investor will know that finding a mortgage with a low interest rate is important. But a savvy investor will take things a step further by hunting down an investment loan that not only has a great rate but competitive features too.

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How does negative gearing work?

You’ve probably heard that Labor is proposing significant reforms to negative gearing in an attempt to make homeownership in Australia more affordable. But what exactly does this term mean?

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How to get the best investment loan deal

Whether you’re a first time investor wanting to get a foot in the property door or an experienced property pro after an addition to your portfolio, there’s one main thing you’ll probably be on the hunt for when it comes to your investment loan - a low interest rate.

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