Personal loan repayment calculator

Calculate the repayments and total interest on various personal loan amounts.

Results from this calculation are estimates only as individual institutions apply different formulas. Actual repayments will depend on your individual circumstances and interest rate changes.

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Make plans with personal loan calculators

Every now and again we all need that little bit extra to cover an
unexpected cost or a bit of a treat. Whether you need a bit of help with
bills or some spare cash to go on a holiday, a personal loan is the
answer - so long as you have planned how you will repay it.

If you're about to organise a little loan or checking on the health of
your current personal loan the personal loans calculator above could
help. You can insert how much you wish to borrow, the term over which
you'd like to pay it back, and your interest rate and the personal loan
calculator will let you know how large your repayments will be. Once
you've got your plan in mind, you can link through to compare personal
loans using Mozo's great database of personal loan providers.

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