5 hot shows to watch on Netflix right now

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Not sure what to watch next? Here are 5 recently released TV shows on Netflix that are worth your time!

These shows are all exclusively available on Netflix, so if you want to expand your watch list, don’t forget Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

Firefly Lane

Source: Netflix

Season 2, part 2 of this popular Netflix series has just dropped and it is well worth a look. The series follows the story of childhood best friends, Tully (played by Katherine Heigl) and Kate (played by Sarah Chalke) who grew up across the street from each other. Seemingly polar opposites, the girls form a tight-knit friendship that continues well into adulthood. The show features flashbacks to their childhood and early adult life as well as the present day where they are facing relationship, career and health challenges. Their story is raw and heartbreaking and explores the complexities of friendship.

The Night Agent

Source: Netflix

Who doesn’t love an action-mystery mixed with a side of government conspiracy? This new 10-part Netflix Original series has it all - romance, grief, betrayal and bravery and is perfect for bingeing. Peter, a low rank worker in the White House is suddenly responsible for Rose, a civilian who’s life is in danger. Follow their story as they are thrown together and forced to fight for their lives and the truth against all odds.

Young Sheldon

Source: Netflix

Young Sheldon is a spin-off of cult favourite TV show, The Big Bang Theory and follows the childhood of fictional character Sheldon Cooper. The first season was released in 2017 and Season 6 is currently being released week by week with the final episode due to air on 18 May 2023. The series starts with Sheldon entering a new grade at school after skipping 4 grades because he is a child genius. Despite being ridiculously intelligent, he struggles with social cues and interactions. The story is engaging as well as uplifting, making it easy to binge.

The Recruit

Source: Netflix

The new Netflix Original Series starring heartthrob Noah Centineo follows the journey of Owen, a freshly graduated lawyer who joins the CIA. He is suddenly out of his depth and ends up in a dangerous game of international politics. Owen struggles to juggle his new job and his personal life and is continually ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has to choose who to trust and hope that he makes it out alive. Watch the engaging 8-part series to find out if he survives!

Workin' Moms

Source: Netflix

This comedic drama follows the lives of a group of mums from the same mother’s group.  Follow the lives of Kate the PR executive, Anna the psychiatrist, Frankie the real estate agent and Jenny who’s in IT as they navigate new motherhood, their careers and relationships. The show is funny and relatable and best of all, there’s a whole 7 seasons to binge with Season 7 released in March.

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