Five tips to easily set up your internet when moving home

Woman connecting her home internet after moving house

Are you finally ditching your share-house and setting up your own unit? Or just bought yourself a nice place to upsize and thrive? Before you settle into domestic bliss, one of the final boxes to check is your broadband internet

The kind folks at NBN co want to make this process as smooth as possible, so they’ve put together 5 helpful tips to ensure your new situation is perfect from day 1. Nobody wants to get stranded without the internet, so follow these tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

1. Check if the NBN is available at your new home.

As of January 2022, more than 12 Million Australian homes have been able to switch to the NBN. The odds that your new home is on the network are pretty good, but it's still worth checking just to be sure. Some regional or low-density areas may have different kinds of connection available.

2. Find an internet provider who offers a plan to suit your needs at your new home.

Here’s where we step in. If you haven’t already found a provider, or if you want to see if there’s something better out there, Mozo can help you find the best internet deal for your needs.

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Last updated 25 July 2024

3. Choose a wholesale speed plan that might suit your needs.

Consider how many devices you need to connect and what your connection might be used for. Whether you’re just after a bit of streaming in the evenings, or your home doubles as a regional office and classroom, there will be a speed deal that suits your priorities.

4. Tell your current provider that you are moving home.

If you decide to continue with your current provider, they can assist with the disconnection process and help set the internet up at your new home.

But if you’re switching, you can bid them a fond farewell and move on.

5. Leave the NBN supplied equipment at your old place!

That little black box with the NBN logo on it - leave it there. 

This is NBN’s supplied equipment registered to your specific address, and therefore it will not work at your new place. You won’t be able to use it at your new address, and it cannot be re-sold as it is property of the NBN company.

If you take this with you, it could also lead to all sorts of headaches for the next residents.

Moving Home Checklist

Here’s a handy checklist to collect everything you need to sort out to complete a seamless transition.

  • I’ve checked that my new address can connect to the NBN network.
  • I’ve checked what NBN supplied equipment is available at my new address.
  • I’ve chosen a speed and internet plan via my preferred provider. 
  • I’ve contacted my internet provider to book my move.
  • I’ve confirmed with my equipment providers that services such as security, medical and fire alarms, will work on my chosen NBN plan.
  • I’ve notified my provider of when I want to disconnect the service at my old address. 
  • Keep in mind that existing services, including any medical alarms, may not work during this time and  have a charged mobile phone on hand in case of an emergency.
  • I’ve left any NBN supplied equipment at my old address.
  • I’ve made arrangements to be at home for the installation (if required).

For more guides, tips and advice on how to achieve the best internet performance visit Mozo's broadband hub!