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Business money transfers

Business money transfers

Regardless of the size of your business you may find yourself in a position where you need to make an international money transfer (IMT), be it a one-off occasion or on a regular basis. Reasons for making a business money transfer include; purchasing goods and services for your business overseas or paying royalties and wages.

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International business to business payments

International business to business payments

Perhaps you’re starting a new online business, or expanding your current company’s eCommerce operations abroad. For the first time, you may need to make regular business to business (B2B) international payments to a supplier, contractor or possibly even staff in an overseas office. Whenever you are exchanging one currency to another you will want to limit your exchange rate risk and keep bank fees and charges to a minimum. After all, every extra cent you pay in fees or foreign exchange (FX) margins, means less profit for your business.But finding the cheapest deal for your business money transfer isn’t always simple. Because exchange rates are always fluctuating, what’s considered ‘cheap’ can also vary from month to month. In 2020, for instance, there’s been a lot of volatility, with the Australian (AUD) dollar plummeting to 55 US cents back in March before hitting highs of 74 US cents in early December. For a business, a ‘good’ exchange rate would look very different during those two time periods. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of your options for making international payments as a business. The option you choose will largely depend on how frequent and how large your transactions are.

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Making a regular business payment overseas

Making a regular business payment overseas

Looking for an easy and reliable way to set up a regular international transfer for your overseas business transactions? Well, whether it’s for making recurring payments for goods you’re importing or freelancers you’ve employed, you need to have an efficient foreign exchange account in place that doesn’t affect your company’s profits.

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