International money transfer resources

International money transfer guides

You’ve got questions about international money transfers, we’ve got answers. Our extensive range of guides will help you to get the best deal on your transfer whether you’re sending money to a relative, moving overseas or paying a new business supplier.

Imt country guides

Country guides for transferring money internationally

Need to send money to NZ or the US? Find out all you need to know about transferring money internationally to a range of countries around the world.

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Imt personal guides

International money transfer guides for personal transfers

If you’re sending money to family or have a one off international payment, whatever your personal needs are for transferring money internationally we cover off important topics that will help you get the best rate for your needs.

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Imt business guides

International money transfer guides for business transfers

For businesses big and small, cutting down the cost of sending money internationally means more profit for you. We walk you through your options when setting up a regular business transfer and for making large global payments.

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Imt features guides

Guides to international money transfer features

Want to know the difference between a spot rate and a forward contract, we’ve walk you through all the key features and jargon you’ll need to be across when making an international transfer.

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